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Hundreds of cars towed over the weekend

Several news outlets are reporting a variety of different numbers when it comes to the total amount of cars that were towed over the weekend due to the snow emergency.

The Star Tribune puts the number at 1,400 cars. The Minnesota Daily says 2,500 cars were towed. The Downtown Journal says 1,800, while Fox 9 News says almost 3,000 cars were sent to the impound lot.

Fox 9 News also reported that St. Paul police issued more than 5,800 tickets to drivers. They also reported that some cars were ticketed and towed by mistake.

"My friend didn't believe me that I was right. I'm like no, I've been here to two years. I always park on the east side of the street. Never been towed, never been an issue," said St. Paul resident Kay Mills, speaking to Fox 9 News.

People whose cars were towed were in line for three to five hours and had to pay a $138 fee to get their cars back. (Minnesota Daily)

St. Paul's snow emergency ended Sunday, reported the Star Tribune.

Minneapolis received 4.5 inches of snow late last week. (Downtown Journal)