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Iraqi museum partially restored, about to re-open

The Associated Press reported that Iraq's National History Museum, which was looted in 2003 as a result of the U.S. invasion, was dedicated on Monday.

The museum will open to the public on Tuesday.

Prior to its ransacking six years ago the museum was known for being one of the leading collections of artifacts from as far back as the Stone Age.

The Associated Press reported that over 7,000 items are still missing from the collection, while Reuters reports that 9,000 items are still missing.

"We have focused in particular on exhibiting the antiquities looted in 2003 but which have been recovered," said museum director Amira Eidan to Reuters.

Reuters also reported that archaeologists around the world view the looting of the museum to be a tragedy not only for Iraq but for the world as a whole.

The U.S. gave $13 million dollars to help restore the museum that Iraq hopes will bolster tourism in the country. (Reuters)