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Minneapolis man swindled out of over $200,000

Police say three people have swindled a 79-year-old Minneapolis man out of over $200,000 by taking advantage of him, reported KSAX-TV News.

Lucas James, 41, of Brooklyn Center, and Carolyn Bolden, 51, of Minneapolis, repeatedly came to the man seeking money for so-called kidnapped family members, gangster fees, and protection fees.

The victim, whose initials have only been revealed to be W.D. according to KARE 11 News, is a South Minneapolis resident who suffers from dementia. The victim said he cannot recall how he met James and Bolden, but that they claimed they would pay him back with an inheritance.

"I thought well, I've got some money and these people need it. Maybe I can help them out and they can eventually repay me for it," said the victim, speaking to KSAX-TV.

A third suspect, Denise Mefford, has not been charged yet, although she has admitted to swindling the man out of several thousands of dollars.

James and Bolden are currently not in custody. Each has been charged with six counts of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult and theft by swindle.

They face a maximum of 10 to 20 years in prison, a $20,000 to $100,000 fine, or both, for each count.