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Minnesota may get new giant power line

A Michigan company proposed a plan to construct a massive new power line that stretches across the Midwest on Monday, reported the Star Tribune.

The company, ITC Holdings Corp. of Novi, Mich., says it wants to build the 7,000 mile line through seven states including Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

The 765,000 volt line would get 25% of its energy from wind turbines across the midwest, reported The Pioneer Press.

The project is going to cost an estimated $12 billion to complete.

The plan, labeled as the "green power express" would bring about a reduction of 34 million metric tons of carbon emissions, or the equivalent of nine coal plants. (Star Tribune)

The company plans to win federal support by filing an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, but the plan faces numerous problems within the individual states in which the power line would be built.