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NTSB sheds more light on Buffalo plane crash

Federal investigators said the plane, which crashed in Buffalo, N.Y. last week killing all 49 passengers, was a victim of violent upsets prior to its crashing, reported The Wall Street Journal.

More information was reported by MSNBC, who said the plane was in autopilot until just before crashing. It was previously thought that the autopilot was on even as the plane crashed.

The Wall Street Journal reports that at the last minute, the pilots disengaged the autopilot, put down the landing gear and extended the plane's wing flaps in an attempt to slow the plane down and land it.

Pilots are required to fly planes manually when severe ice conditions are present. The pilots of the crashed plane reportedly discussed the conditions just before the crash, deeming the ice "significant". (MSNBC)

Prior to takeoff the pilots were told to expect "light to moderate icing" conditions. The plane's de-icing system was also on for the entire flight. (Wall Street Journal)

NTSB officials are planning to remove the planes engines and begin investigations to figure out whether or not the plane was intact when it hit the ground.

The exact cause of the crash is still unknown.