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River crash crew honored in NYC

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented the pilot and crew of the plane that crash landed in the Hudson on Jan. 16 with honorary keys to the city on Monday, the BBC reported.

"It's been called a miracle but in this case there is no miracle without the years of experience and training (of the crew)," said Mayor Bloomberg. (BBC)

In all five crew members received the honorary keys. The pilot, Captain Chesley Sullenberger, spoke for his crew. "I feel a great obligation to my co-workers, to all the aviation professionals in this country and around the world, to be chosen by circumstances to be a temporary spokesperson and to represent them as well as I can," said Sullenberger.

The Associated Press reports that this ceremony comes after what they described as a media blitz, with the pilot and crew being interviewed by a slew of Sunday morning talk shows.

Sullenberger also received a book from Mayor Bloomberg. It was the one he had to leave behind on the plane.