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U.S. engages in massive raid of child prostitution rings

CBS News reported that the FBI has completed a three-night sweep of major U.S. cities, rescuing dozens of girls who were victims of child prostitution.

48 teenage girls, some as young as 13 were rescued, while 55 pimps were arrested in the initiative the FBI called Operation Cross Country.

"The goal is to recover kids. We consider them the child victims of prostitution," said FBI Deputy Assistant Director Daniel Roberts, speaking to Sky News.

Operation Cross Country was launched in 2003 to crack down on child prostitution. The latest raid marks the third time that federal agents launched the operation.

According to CBS News over 500 arrests were made in total. 50 adult prostitutes were arrested and the remaining arrests were customers.

The pimps face racketeering or conspiracy charges and decades of jail time. (Sky News)

The FBI searched over 25 cities from across the country searching for victims. Local child protection agencies have taken custody of most of the children. (CBS News)

One 16-year-old girl has not yet been found, but the FBI is investigating.