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Minneapolis announces bike-sharing program

The city of Minneapolis and The University of Minnesota plan to announce the arrival Tuesday of a bike-sharing program that will put 1,000 bikes on the street, reported the Star Tribune.

Over $4 million dollars were spent to create the new program and center. The money was federally-funded and has the objective of decreasing driving and increasing biking and walking throughout the city.

Bicycle kiosks will be located in downtown, uptown, and the university area. Members will pay $50 for a year long pass, while non-members will pay $5 for a half-an-hour with their bike.

The bikes can be dropped off at any of the 75 self-service, solar-powered kiosks.

Bicycles will be equipped with Radio Frequency I.D. tags that will help track the bikes if they are stolen.

The Minnesota Daily reported that there will be a formal announcement made at the Oak Street Ramp at 11:30a.m. that will feature appearances by University President Bob Bruininks and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak.