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Obama ends stem cell research ban

President Obama plans to put an end Monday to the George W. Bush policy that set limits on federal dollars being used for stem cell research, reported the Associated Press.

Advisers of Obama say that the move shows the president will be guided by science and not political ideology like his predecessor.

This move comes as one of many broad science-oriented reforms the president plans to order on Monday. Other items the president plans to order include renewable energy and climate change matters.

"We've got eight years of science to make up for," said Dr. Curt Civin, speaking to CBS News. "Now the silly restrictions are lifted."

The president's plan does not give money outright to stem cell researchers, but it does provide them with the ability to apply for government funding. Previously funding could only be obtained through private sources. (AP)

Research into stem cells could lead to possible cures for diseases like Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's disease. Advocates of stem cell research include former First Lady Nancy Reagen and Christopher Reeve.