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Possible cover-up by Minneapolis cops

Fox 9 News reported that the family of a man who was shot and killed by Minneapolis police in 2006 is accusing those police officers of covering up evidence.

They claim that 19-year-old Fong Lee never had a gun at all.

Witness reports and other documents back up the families accusation, according to the Pioneer Press.

The gun found on Lee was alleged to have been recovered from a earlier burglary and kept by the officers as evidence and was never returned.

Police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Garcia denied the conspiracy accusations. Jason Andersen, the officer who fired the gun that killed Lee, was cleared by a grand jury, Garcia said. (Pioneer Press)

Fox 9 News reported that a man by the name of Dang Her claimed the gun in question was stolen from his house in 2004. The serial numbers on the gun that police claim Lee was carrying match the numbers that Her gave, according to a court affidavit filed Monday.

Minneapolis police claim there were two guns. (Fox 9 News)