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Red River flood outlook looks more optimistic

Lower predictions for the crest of the Red River caused residents of the river's first potential victims to breathe a little easier Tuesday, reported the Star Tribune.

Residents of Breckenridge, Minn. are confident that battle has been won. "A lot of things have been put in place. I think we'll be comfortable," Breckenridge vice-mayor Jeff Krueger said.

"We've got it beat," said Wilkin County highway engineer Tom Richels, speaking to the Star Tribune. "We're pretty darned confident."

All is not well elsewhere in the river's path. 200 residents of Crookston, Minn., had to be evacuated when the river rose more than five feet.

The Pioneer Press reported residents of Fargo, N.D. are cheering today as well as word came that there was an unexpected dip in the Red River that would prevent the river from breaching the cities protective dikes.

The dikes are currently being raised to 42 feet but that would still leave several neighborhoods in lower areas.

Over 600 North Dakota National Guard members have been called to assist in flood prevention, as well as 300 Minnesotan guard members. (Pioneer Press)

The all-time record for the height of the Red River is just over 18 feet.