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Analysis 9 - Diversity

I chose this Star Tribune story about Somali autism.

I don't think the story is very stereotyped at all. This story feels like it could be about anyone, it just happens to focus on Somali's and their unique position within this debate. It contains a lot of diversity elements but at its core its just a feature story like any other.

I didn't really know to what extent autism was effecting children. And I'm certainly not well versed in what is happening in the Somali community currently. But its these types of stories that help people who may need a bit more diversity in their lives become more knowledgeable about a different race or ethnicity.

This story accomplishes this by putting a very human face on a big problem. The feature story is a great way to encourage reader empathy with its subject. This story helps you get to know the people involved and teaches you more about the issue at hand through good storytelling and personal quotes.