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Over a dozen militants dead in Pakistani military attacj

Pakistani officials said Monday that their military has killed 20 militants in a raid of camps known to be controlled by a Taliban commander near the Afghan border, reported Voice of America.

Helicopter gunships were used to destroy the militant bases. The attacks began on Sunday and continued into Monday.

This attack comes a week after a U.S. drone targeted the same area and killed 10 militants, reported the BBC.

The attack was in response to a suicide bombing in the nearby town of Hangu. That attack killed 25 people, mostly Afghan soldiers and police. (VOA)

Hakimullah Mesud claimed responsibility for the attack, according to Voice of America.

The BBC reported that Zulfiqar Mehsud took responsibility for the attack.

The BBC also reported that Mehsud has been behind the disruption of supplies trying to get to NATO in Afghanistan.

The Pakistani government is under pressure from the United States to fight militants that continue to plague Afghanistan and Pakistan. (VOA)