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Possible motive in Washington slayings revealed

After conducting interviews with officials from the Pierce County Sheriff's Department, the state Department of Social and Health Services and dozens of relatives, neighbors and friends, the Seattle Times has learned how the events leading up to the deaths of five children and their killer transpired.

Angela Harrison, 35, the wife of the gunman who shot and killed his five children Friday night, got into an argument with her husband last week and left their home.

Her husband James tracked her down and confronted her when she was with another man at a convenience store. He then returned home to his children and calmed down.

Friday night he took a rifle and proceeded to shoot his children, ages ages 7 to 16, multiple times, according to the Associated Press.

He left his home in Graham, Wash., to find his wife, but decided to turn the gun on himself. His body was found early Saturday morning by children playing in the area.

Harrison was put on a parenting plan in 2007 after he assaulted one of his children, Ed Troyer, spokesman for the Pierce County Sheriff, said to the AP.

Angela Harrison was too distraught to discuss the murders Sunday, her family said.