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Street-sweeping coming for Minneapolis

Public work crews will begin sweeping roads Tuesday, reported the Star Tribune. Sweeping will last for four weeks.

No parking signs will be posted 24 hours prior to sweeping, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Vehicles on the street during sweeping will be ticketed and towed to the Minneapolis Impound Lot. (MN Daily)

The city will also be making automated phone calls warning residents about sweeping. The number of calls will reach 3,500.

Residents who want to know when their street will be swept can check the city street sweep home page.

Parking on streets being swept is banned from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The no parking signs will be removed after sweeping.

1,100 miles of Minneapolis streets are swept every spring and fall in Minneapolis.

It is against the law to push leaves, grass clippings or other debris into the streets due to its potential contamination of local bodies of water. (Star Tribune)