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idioms classified Daquan A description of people's quality: approachable generosity pure and noble perseverance perseverance and sleepless nights uphold justice and dignity that all honorable unyielding devotion to duty unto death have Second, the description of people's wisdom: Liaoshirushen resourceful erudite mastery of Chinese and Western learning brainstorming brilliant and profound analogy outstanding Third, the description of characters deportment, style: naive gentle demeanor Xiangmaotangtang graceful morale majestic radiant sparkle four high-spirited, ; description of characters look, mood: leisurely exultant smile sparkle ecstatic delight sadly indifferent transfixed furious five, description of people's eloquence: endless gift of the gab glib eloquence eloquent Chukouchengzhang Yujingsizuo sounds and talk quips eloquent six, from the historical story of the idiom: Highlighting Tiechu into needle fancies retrieve their full property embattled abject apology sake of the Shoubushijuan cantilever Cigu cutting the wall to steal light seven, describing the action figures: cursory cheered help Young and old danced Cuxitanxin bend forward to bring back excitedly spread hell and high water one after the claws eight, describing human feelings: Enchongrushan profound friendship of the concentration of blood brotherhood inseparable like-minded sincerity in water treatment through thick and thin of life and death with utter sincerity dependent nine, indicating that the governor Xiao Li in: gradually over time and learn new life-long learning Boundless Learning Qinnengbuzhuo 笨鸟先飞 Dishuichuanshi worked hard and Good Books ten, from the fable of the idiom: contradictory enough just to get the finishing touch belie passive disregard the changing circumstances to remedy the situation superfluous deceiving Maiduhuanzhu XI, describing the momentum of things, the atmosphere: impeccable unstoppable resolutely overwhelming deafening thrilling Spirit in full steam ahead with irresistible force Rulvpingdi XII describe seasonal features: chill spring spring beauties of springtime Fruitful Dead Poets Society scorching sun heat were scorching steam autumn Autumn Autumn is cool and pleasant ice and snow Hanqixiren Handonglayue XIII describe prosperity flourishing scene: gathered in crowds of people turned out in full swing in full swing almost a full house packed thriving thriving stream fourth, and material describing the beauty of the King: beautiful magnificent magnificent magnificent Yuyu King House sublime talent icing on the cake powder makeup jade puzzle Journey Into Amazing Caves fifth, describing the landscape beauty: beautiful rivers and mountains towering Shuitianyise sparkling lake heavy mountainous picturesque mountain stream white training vacated moist XVI described the flowers and trees: lush green grass and blossoming trees towering trees Zhengrong colorful flowers blossom pink Liulv trees XVII description of moon clouds: rain fell in torrents torrential rain snow Haoyueqianli misty dawn Xiwei Delicate clouds hurricane on Long Dead Poets Society maneuvering XVIII ; with synonyms idioms: rejuvenating Ampang obedience from their homes over the mountains sigh hearsay Diukuiqijia summoned sweet eye grassland ninth, with antonyms idioms: rickety poles apart bend forward one after the follow-up left to push the right block past and far away exceed Qijiutuxin survival of the fittest twenty, AABB type: furtive trembling hard bustling hubbub mighty Yingyingchaochao numerous hesitated haltingly reciting dense sparsely unexamined stormy day and night day and night catch the sly vigorous upright dim vague daze, care deeply about squeeze squeeze suffer suffer all kinds kept diligently staggering exactly twenty-one, AABC type: blues aggressive agreeable relish relish empty endless obsession dying late looked at each other closely related exhaustive argue whispering melancholy polite chatter patience slim clank steel frame carried away rhetoric pursued diligently organized our students to try more than enough delicate and charming XXII. Zodiac idioms: timid as a mouse howling at the moon Shajixiahou Rulangsihu passive cornered belie superfluous transfixed pilfering people off their feet famous pig afraid afraid of strong contain Name of animal idioms Vientiane update Baotoushucuan Jiminggoudao mighty force to remedy the situation extremely suspicious duck to water flowers stand out howling at the moon Weihuzuochang wits finishing touch Baotoushucuan sturdy frame passive Hefatongyan cornered short-sighted Mangrenmoxiang superfluous containing the name of the idiom two animals stand out Jiminggoudao snipe and the clam swallow like a whale clues to the spirit of Enter the Dragon Rabbit Tiger flamboyant hustle and bustle Long-xiang step Longtanhuxue Dragon Fengming busy distorting the facts Tusihubei utter distracted devour contains the phrase unrealistic expectations of human organs stunned top-heavy foot and light unlettered deep duplicity Shoujiyankuai Shoujiyankuai Meiqingmuxiu do-beaten face value near the mouth of rude physically very weak concept insect names with the phrase moths withdraw its role as Ray plot mosquito moon hanging swallow like a whale touched off wishful thinking clues mantis stalks the cicada, oriole in the post with a group of synonyms idioms informed how the wind blows the storm destroyed their plans vague, far-sighted glance right and left eye grassland lively shaking hardships nonsense regime change hearsay rigged with a set of antonyms idioms one thousand pro-rickety unrealistic expectations duplicity call top-heavy after a head no tail to escape after the former arrogant Christine West San nothing in the East looked around through thick and thin add up to dubious overkill praises of others before oneself from here right and proper self-fulfilling prophecy important accent diversion pull rickety comeback to win with fewer words and more phrase struggled physically very weak cell a thousand miles begins with one step in vain Qianjun easy to get a hard to find opportune habit the spring drought every dry the rain started the trouble should end it people without thought, he must have worry quiet as a virgin, such as moving rabbit; anxious to reactive small but perfectly formed a chicken's head, doing nothing after three cattle from everyone description of war and peace idioms nick urgent emergency Urgent feel the burn can not wait to meet the urgent needs idioms describing people refreshing air of calm stare transfixed grin frown knitted brows furrowed stunned dejected hero Xipixiaolian description idioms courage and honorable upright upright Jizhongshengzhi Yang is worthy of tremendous courage and wisdom to turn the tide calm day description saved the day beautiful spring colorful idioms beautiful spring rain, such as oil vibrant springtime spring full circle spring flowers blossom sweetness cranky) want so badly (imagination) like to get a lot (after deliberation) would like to get ridiculous (wishful thinking) to bizarre (wishful thinking) thought and thought (dreaming) viewers (packed) VIP and more (almost a full house) many people (crowds) than people (talented) more horses (cavalry) something more (numerous) multi color (colorful) category and more (vary ) more difficult (hardships) Retroflex Suffixation more (endless) read more (read book) depth of knowledge (knowledgeable) more change (changing) is much more to go (travel extensively) color more (colorful) patterns and more (varied) with the > with a dispute disregard the changing circumstances to remedy the situation scary bright future passive deceiving extremely suspicious Baoxinjiuhuo idiom derived from the historical story to walk car to steal what you want pupil showing reverence for his master trespass fair in war Highlighting end to end with the word of the idiom is day work hard to numerous marvelous little list goes on and people beyond hard to detect intolerable unheard idioms with the name of the bird cheered silent paranoia Hefa bright future double-edged sword brown Hefatongyan stand out small but perfectly formed mantis stalks the cicada, oriole in the post idioms Solitaire (beautiful time bomb destined to withdraw its proposal gunned unique take advantage of penetrating into the room against the clock to take advantage of greed for power conscience idiom of the most triumphant (day Sanqiu) the shortest season. (Slump) the largest waterfall drop. (Cherished) the most expensive royalties. (lucrative) most profitable business. (Hoodwink) the biggest hand. (Stingy) the most miserly people. (ask for the moon) the longest foot. (Rapid) the fastest horse. (Spotless) the cleanest place. (big bucks) the most wasteful behavior. (Worthless) the cheapest things. (Yishenshidan) the largest human bile. (nick) the most dangerous time. (Trail) the most narrow way. (Yimushihang) the fastest reading. (ends of the earth) the farthest place. (Without rice) most difficult meals. (Upright) the highest sub. (perfect) the most perfect thing. (Hopeless) the most important diseases. (Maneuvering) the fastest speed. (thunderbolt) the most abnormal weather. (Day Break) the longest day. (Yizhuqingtian) the longest stick. (Majestic) the biggest mouth. (Ask for the moon) the longest leg. (Upright) most people. (light as a feather) the smallest one. (Pervasive) the tip of the needle. (Authoritative) the most important words. (good words) the most precious words. (Sweeping) the widest field of vision. (Reborn) the largest operation. (inclusive) the largest gas. (Big difference) the biggest difference. (Upside down) the biggest change. (without rice) most difficult meals. (Maneuvering) the fastest speed. (Inexhaustible) the most resources. (一日 Sanqiu) the shortest season. (Day Break) the longest day. (Boundless) is greatest. antisense idiom be greedy for money - big spenders with one voice - love the different opinions - if worn clogs abandoned halfway - consistently meticulous - sloppy erudite - sit idle vision - short-sighted Jakunen silent - silent meaning of idioms nearly every shot - shoot with great precision; quick success - anxious; superficial understanding - gulping daydream - wishful thinking; bustling - the bustling; erudite - Bogut know this rickety - East help the West down; not name a penny - penniless book titles based on the words to say about ; a five-off, killing six one willing to fight, willing to suffer a lost wife of another soldier group of words Confucianism Flowers Dalang Maishao Bing; three bowls, but Jingyang saying words like (Chameleon) unstable position, both ways people. (Smiling tiger) greeted with a duplicitous person. (snakes) tyrannical rogue, bully people. (Stingy) stingy, miserly money people. (pug) thus, docile and obedient people. (Scapegoat) vicarious, to help people bashing people. (Jing Diwa) ignorance, knowledge is not wide of the people. (Oxen) spared no efforts to benefit the people of the people. (Maxima) both have it, much to offer people. (Paper tiger) metaphor, hollow people. animals settle down to the nest pen Yidong Longtanhuxue rabbit cages cow barn nest nest kennel erased pre-loaded digital echo each other idioms ; kill two birds plummeted exactly the same single-minded lay Yibaoshihan rapid something happens again and again three thousand three hundred twenty-two superhuman powers duplicitous half-hearted a few words apart extending in all directions all over cautiously colorful colorful variety Liushenwuzhu Qidianbadao busy divvying up seven pieces rigged mouth eight sixes and sevens tongue smooth and slick narrow escape fraction of Shimajiuwen every shot perfect obedience to the ever-changing diverse mighty force fraught victorious ; countless hardships thousands of miles a thousand words true tempered the nick of 1000 taking into account every possible strange mix of gains and 1000 taking into account a loss of size-fits-Love and foolproof million dead colorful life of one mind heart-phrase description of friendship through thick and thin like-minded brothers with utter sincerity and woe his help eachother through thick and thin Care Notes soulmate to spend the phrase describing the intimate colorful spring flowers Colorful flowers and leaves Fireworks icing on the cake flowers are blooming yellow flowers deadwood Chunhuaqiuyue gorgeously outdated description of the mountain idiom picturesque mountains penniless great mountains and rivers Daoshanhuohai disturbance Shen Jian majestic mountain cliffs rise amid picturesque mountains and plains country beautiful country phrase describing the color of a thousand miles a Bi colorful colorful colorful colorful flowers and leaves Cuise want to stream lies to the bright lights of indiscriminate that rare rare rare idioms unique unprecedented drop in the bucket few rare at only a handful of three thousand three hundred twenty-two Tieshukaihua unprecedented Ningquewulan little claw shred cream of the crop half a drop in the ocean Lin eternal farewell phrase describing the bustling crowds of busy stream after another fast-paced world of cloud move sleeve sweat packed crowds of thousands of visitors flock packed packed deafening clamor Renhuanmajiao description encompassing a rich variety of idioms dizzying array of beautiful wonders are endless all-encompassing a wide variety of dazzling an impressive variety ranging overwhelmed everything everywhere dotted the more the better not count more than enough endless plethora of Widespread all over the mountain city abound with evaporated clean sweep of clouds blocks out the sun Gounsa Ye Hongyuntuoyue with Dead Poets Society torrential rain storm storm the city is precarious Inclined rain contain > description of idioms bluntly said sincerely cynical trick beat around the bush talking about the endless chatter gossip hokey heart-beating about the bush slowly vague nagging ; justify unbridled audacity argue eloquently fluent vivid description of people's appearance or body idioms beauties lotus flowers and the moon bright eyes white teeth color country United States such as Guan Yu Empress Dowager Fantasy fragile Hefatongyan Meiqingmuxiu amiable deal a pure and noble facial expression look familiar tread head dirt surface sturdy frame Ruhuasiyu elegant gentle glow majestically handsome senile scrawny potbellied graceful pale and thin description of people's language, idioms endless talking in fluent eloquent rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric description of human mental activity idioms uneasy gripped distracted distracted distraught perturbed anxious description of narcissistic pride idioms N. grown arrogant arrogant arrogant smug self-satisfaction and forget conceited, pretentious, supercilious arrogance phrase describing the humble mindful not off the ground Home prudent listen open-minded and prudent move the line describing the learning idioms real ability to learn and life-long learning insatiable tireless tirelessly worked hard and sleepless nights race against time 笨鸟先飞 rooster only self-improvement go all out to fight day and night to be outdone strive blazing phrase describing the character quality of selfless self-sacrifice indomitable perseverance faithful to the utter devotion Fuji powerful and unyielding fight to the death house death forgot to students with utter sincerity austerity and meticulous uncorrupted Jian Li forget meaning of indomitable spirit immortal glory shameless cowardly traitor Huodataiduo hard brazen demeanor of idioms describing the character of his voice exultant heads held high and panic casual frown pale dejected slouch his eyes with exaggerated idioms bristle Yimushihang rapid cherished every shot barren day Sanqiu asking for the moon nick contain countless metaphors audacious move an inch composition of the audience clouds idioms be greedy for money spenders iron-clad crowds skinny frosty outsize rock solid tight-lipped about the vast Gaoshourulin beautiful spring spring Spring March Spring arrival of spring flowers On sunny spring flowers are blooming spring is strong spring scenery one hundred flowers blossom joy of spring birds spring summer heat scorch scorching sun scorching sun sweating sweating cicadas in summer scenery birds verdant leafy trees fall lotus pool of autumn sky was clear and cool autumn proud Autumn Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum bloom Autumn charming and pleasant fragrance Kim fruit of autumn scenery good harvest aloe leaves the North Various Artists mountain flying cold north wind blows frosty winter Handonglayue Snow swirling in the snow frozen winter landscape snow covers the frozen sky snow snowy land of ice and snow morning Chu Xing Dong Fang Yuxiao rising sun all morning mist filled the air clear dawn colorful rooster crowing at noon burning sun bright sun overhead sunny cloudless cloudless blue sky evening West Ramp setting sun setting sun setting sun, such as birds return of blood smoke everywhere Lin lanterns twilight night falls the night the dead of night Yuemingxingxi charming middle of the night night night night long soft beautiful sea of ​​busy urban harmony quiet village green vegetation, bamboo fence Vacherie secluded mountain road provision Building bridges ,Ferrari and Lamborghini, antique brick hotel directed Wun Pik Suwat cloud-factory machines roaring stream Zhixie hot iron steel flower splash gloss over a new store deserted desolate patchwork Hall field magnificent facilities imposing magnificent school students everywhere famous picturesque stations, terminals orderly chaotic street layout clever patchwork broad flat smooth bumpy crowded flowers and leaves to spend intoxicating flowers gorgeously beautiful color flowers bloom blossom colorful flowers blooming grass green grass and colorful a vibrant green Bi miles weeds tall lush green trees beautiful scene in shimmering new lease Linhaixueyuan cloud-sky fragrance of fresh fruits and vegetables fragrance of lush green fruit of the orchard full of fresh juicy fruits dove, symbol of peace Ruyan swallow mildly sweet joy of spring to fly early return lightly sparrow, magpie branches play not bad autumn gray parrot parrot chattering mildly sweet stupid mouth parrot mouth Woodpecker benefits, such as fixing shaft, such as iron nails chickens, ducks high and mighty full free mast heads held high and sing horse bolted into the sky speeding fat Tizhuang fat head scream emaciated cattle subservience Biaofeitizhuang slow steady stream of cars roaring past shuttle slowly left skiff sailing ship the wind and waves amid the fog night chasing the waves aircraft pierced through the clouds and the clouds into the sky over Silver Eagle wings school supplies beautiful and practical small and sleek design unique lifelike toy lovely endearing love Rainbow Bridge color rainbow after the rain turned the snow looming shine snow mountain snow sky snow Snow snow goose feather fly Linhaixueyuan snowstorms very hot frost frost frost worse dye Lin Lu crystal dew dripping down dew dew sunrise lightning flash of light, dry masterpiece earth-shattering lightning power split stone rolling spring thunder lightning strike yak rain rain raining continuous wind drift autumn rain downpour downpour downpour rain dripping rain storm as the wind Note cool autumn breeze cool north wind blows bleak breezy sunny lost fog fog fog fog fog like wind and the fog lifted veil clouds dissipated cloud full day was clear the clouds roll Clouds Xia pink clouds colorful clouds fiery sunset glow bright bright Danxia Zhongxingpengyue star studded starry starry million points on the east wall on moonrise Dongshan Dongsheng rabbit out of a charming crescent moon rising bright moonlight on Rishangsangan a red rising sun on three feet high sunshine burning sun scorching sun shadows West Ramp sky Miles vast sky blue sky blue skies cloudless cloudless blue sky blue pond ripples unfathomable stream, hit the headlines splashed spring leisurely trickle-down spring tides Ding Dong great tide rolled rough Bailangtaotian Pentium Lake, Sea Bailangtaotian surging sea of ​​lake water color rolling eastward flowing rivers vast river blew Barren barren mountains towering mountains and beautiful housework ingenuity few quiet rush out the window between teachers and students organized earnestly eloquent passionate earnestness unhurried calm respectfully listen intimacy between students inseparable brothers solidarity in daily life many people packed the hubbub of people to noisy crowds who flood heavy rain storm downpour torrential downpour looked focused insatiable reading and learning life-long learning dedicated to the half-comprehended over time to celebrate the holidays flags fluttering joyfully decorated all night dancing happily game clumsy wink carried away

Liang Lixiong escorted his mother to the village walk.

After dinner, he escorted his mother in the village walk on crutches in time for his mother back home front, he stopped at the door leaning on the wall, gasping.

two houses before the Spring Festival is a street in the cover for the Ka. Since the Korean War in 1953, the expense of Big Brother, he single mother of one well serve 40 years,

Sports Network (AFP) yesterday at 5 pm, at the side of the road Huangpi Dai Yellow River Street,Beats Headphones, the former high damiaocun, to float a new cottage in smoke, while 72-year-old Liang Lixiong cough non-stop, while delivery to the plug within the wood stove.

sleep at night, to hear his mother coughing was relieved. Sometimes his mother awakens to hear the sound of it screamed:

interview two years ago, reporters went to the Ka, when it learned that he suffers from asthma. Now it seems that the disease becomes serious, worry about the first death, no one has caused his mother to take care of.

Liang Lixiong remember his sick mother at the age of 25 do not eat into food, his trek through a dray go over one hour to the county hospital, then transferred to the hospital before Hankou save. The early 1980s, when the beam has been giving door-law a few years, but his wife giving birth mother died in 1985, he did not adjourned to marry, serve as one mother.

mother a new home very bright, is the grasshopper sons, he quickly found a tool to fight drugs by a neighbor. He and his mother never bought new clothes for years, are relatives and friends, the civil affairs department sent, the last three years, his family exempt from utilities, he can not bear to buy a cooker, stick to pick up some dead branches, weeds firewood. He looked at his brother martyr card said:

mother's trembling grip spoon nonstop. She is really old, often eating painkillers headaches toothache, for 40 years, his family had not changed the recipe almost always rice, pasta, noodles soup like soft food, and sometimes buy fat boil soup.

last weekend, he brought out a rich dinner table: a small bowl of bean curd, half a bowl of cabbage, rotten rotten bowls of cooked minced meat noodles, which are left over for lunch.

1 The first poet is: Cai Yan (Wen Ji) 2.'s First biographical History: Historical Records 3. The first dictionary is: Ya 4.'s First Encyclopedia The book is: Yongle Dadian 5.'s first poetry collection is: The Book of Songs 6.'s first anthology: Ode 7.'s first dictionary: Shuowenjiezi 8 The first set of the Department of myth: Shan Hai Jing 9.'s first classical Chi who Stories: Tales 10.'s first classical Ghost Stories: Spirits 11. No. a quotations book: The Analects of Confucius 12.'s first chronological history books are: Spring 13.'s first dating history: Han 14. the first book on military strategy: The Art of War 15. article two Sima Han: Sima Qian. Simaxiangru 16. Dynasty Jades: Mulan word Motherhood, the words moment the second moment surprises of surprises (Lingmeng early) 19. Big Du Li: Li Bai, Du Fu, Du Li: Li Shang-yin Du Mu 20. modern Chinese literary Gemini: Lu Xun Guo 21. San Buxiu: Li Germany meritorious Liyan 22. three generations: dynasties 23. three mountains: Penglai abbot Yingzhou 26. three religions: Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism 27. Excellencies: weeks, Sima Stuart Sagong Western Han Dynasty, the prime minister Qiu royal doctor clear,cheap Herve Leger clothing, Taishi Tutor CPIC 28. three Cao: Cao Cao Cao Pi Cao Zhi 29. Police Three Yuan: Yuan Yuan Yuan Hung-tao were said middle 30. Jiangnan three Kurau: Hunan Yueyang Tower Yellow Crane Tower in Wuchang, Nanchang, Poetic 31. Suihan Three Friends: pine 32. Sansuke: Zuo Fengyi Right Fufeng King join 33. expedition three yuan: Provincial Examination, will test, successful candidates, and from the first (Jie Yuan, Hui-yuan, the scholar) 34. successful candidates Sanding A: champion second place third overall 35. China's three major cultural legacy: Chinese Opera Chinese painting 36. Three words: Yu Shiming made Jingshitongyan Awaken the common saying (Feng Meng) 37 Confucian classics, three-li: Zhou rites Rites 38. Three Officials: Xin Shi trench lai lai lai Tongguan 39. three other: Newly-weds have no home grown old do 40. Guo Goddess Love policy Warring 45.'s first special in mind the history of individual words and deeds of prose: Yan Zi Chun Qiu 46. the first great patriotic poet: Qu Yuan 47. first first long narrative poem: Motherhood ( 357, 1785 words) 48. the first monograph on literary criticism: Theory and comments monographs: Northern and Southern Liang Liu Xie's notes written in a comprehensive body of academic work: the Northern Song Dynasty of Shen Kuo's , also known as play on, 3. China's first classical collection of short stories created by individuals: Strange 4. China's new literary history is the first short story: Diary of a Madman 5. the first one to open up the be holy and respected sage. 11. Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan, Tianbao years, there are two words were,: a high fitness, as the representative of Frontier Frontier to Wang Wei, Meng as the representative of the style in the former forceful Howe, who tranquil sparse Park 12. often the Song into bold, graceful factions. The former Soviet Union and Shi, Xin represented, the latter to Liu Yong, Liu Yong, Li Qing-zhao represented. 13. : Russian Gogol China's Lu Xun 15. There are two major epics of world literature: the Iliad Odyssey 16. Buddhist treasures are: the Buddha (large feel great to know) Act (word of the Buddha doctrine) Monk (inherited or propagating the teachings of people) 17. in three from three from the four virtues: never married parent both from her son to marry from Fufu four virtues: women made by German women women women's capacity power / moral rhetoric bearing women 18. Chu Fu, ambush, Mofu collectively dog ​​day. Summer Solstice Festival of the third day of Chu Fu G the first day of the fourth day of G's first day of the ambush, the first beginning of autumn Festival is Mofu of G on the first day. Chu Fu, Mofu after ten days, ambush days or 20 days. 19. three cardinal guides and the five permanent members: three bonds: father of the child group Gang Gang Chen Gang husband wife the five permanent members: Wisdom and Faith 20. gossip: Sangu: Regardless six nuns nuns Gua po: matchmaker division po (witch) dental medicine po po Qianpo midwife 21. Sovereigns and Five Emperors: San Juan: Fu Xi Sui Shen Nong who Five Emperors: Emperor Zhuan petty Ku Yao and Shun 22. everyday: three religions: Confucianism and Taoism Release abysmal: Confucianism Taoism yin and yang aspect Farmington ink miscellaneous agricultural 23. Sanshanwuyue: East China Sea in the three mountains: Chou, Penglai, abbot; five mountains: Mount Hengshan Mount Hua Dong Yue Hengshan Songshan 24. three characteristics: worship of the cattle and sheep with pig (Tai Lao) (no cattle Shaolao) 25. unities: European classical theorists to develop generalized drama drama creative principle, is the same place, same time, the plot line. 26. Buddhist Samadhi: stop mixed into account, the heart to focus on an environment. (Cultivation methods) 27. Buddhist Tripitaka: the fundamental doctrine of The General said, describing the discipline of law, expounded the doctrine of theory (knowledge of Sanzo called Tripitaka Master) 28. Six provinces: provinces: the book Province (decision) Ha Province (review) chancery (Executive) six: Officials working families Libing criminal 29. three Su: Su Xun, Su Shi Su Che armed forces: on the lower / left, right / sea empty 30. three Wu: Wu Jun Wu Guiji (Danyang) Three Kingdoms: Wei, Shu and Wu 31. SANQIN: Yong Wang (West) plug Wang (East) Qu Wang (Shaanxi North) 32. three Chu: Hong Ling - Wu Nan Chu - Chu Pengcheng East - West Chu 33. primary colors: red, green and blue 34. Sanfen Five Code: Three graves: the Yellow Emperor Shen Nong Fu Xi Five Code: less high-Xin Tang Yao Zhuan Xu Hao Shun 35. trisomy stone by: Book of Spring Zuo / classical three font Han Li Xiao Zhuan writing 1. classical Four Books: Analects Mencius Doctrine of the Mean University 2. four major categories of books: Tai Ping Yu Lan book House Genki Yuen Ying Wa whole language 3. Warring States Sijun: Qi Zhao Pingyuan Mengchang Chunshenjun Wei Chu's Xinling Jun 4. Four Heroes: Wang Bo, Yang Jiong Lu Zhaolin LUO 5. literary Four Song: Wang Xiu Su Shi Huang Ting 6. YuanQu Four: Guan Hanqing Ma Zhiyuan White Park Zheng Guangzu 7. Ming Jiangnan painter-poet: Flirting Zhu Zhi Shan Wen Zheng Zhou Wenbin 8. calligrapher Song Four: Mi Fu Su Shi Huang Ting Cai Xiang 9. kaishu Four: Don - Yen Chen-ching Liu public rights Ouyang Xun Yuan - Zhao Meng 10. calligraphy four-body : true (Kai) grass scribe seal 11. four treasures: Lake Xuan Duan ink pen micro 12. Court of China's four books: Beijing, Shenyang, Wen Su Wen Yuan Ge Jin Court House Chengde, Hangzhou Wenlange 13 ancient scholar four arts (literary elegance): poetry and painting 14. painting four gentlemen: Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum 15. Siku book: The History of a subset of the 16. brothers and four Top: primary (Meng) Zhongshu quarter 17. Five Barbarians: Jie Hun Clan Diqiang 18. streaky: Gold Chrysanthemum - flower girl Kapok - street medical treatment when the doctor daffodils - female singer on the restaurant hot flower - Play cattle spent juggling the soil - some of the porters 19. eight: towel - telling divination of the skin - to sell herbal color - conjuring hanging - entertainer of the flat arena - storyteller Pingtan group - street musicians of the hole - take the bottle bundle of paper talk - the high-profile opera 20. Bamboo Grove: Shan Tao Ruan Ji Kang to show Ruan Xian Rong Liu Ling 21. the Seven: Jung Chen Lin,Herve Leger Double Shoulder, Xu Wang Can be one thousand Liu Zhen Ruan 22. seven government (seven weft): sun, moon and Five Elements 23. Warring States: Zhao Wei Han Qi Qin Chuyan 24. seven emotions: joy, anger, sadness and fear love evil desires 25. seven ancient capitals: Beijing Xi'an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Nanjing, Hangzhou Anyang 26. the myth of the Eight Immortals: torrent Han Chung Chang, Lan Tsai-old Xiangu Dongbin Han Xiangzi obviously drunk 27. Tang and Song prose eight people: Han Yu Liu Xun Ouyang Xiu Su Shi, Su Che Su Wang Zeng 28. the text from eight generations of the decline in the eight generations: Han Wei Song Jinqi Liang Chen Sui 29. four eight sections of eight means: the beginning of spring until the spring of discrete Sciascia beginning of autumn equinox beginning of winter solstice 30. gossip: heaven and earth shock Sunda Kanli Gen Lei Feng Shui versus the volcano were a symbol of heaven and earth Ze 31. stereotyped in the eight-legged essay: the essay questions from the stresses commitment to start from the shares of stock shares after the stock bundle 32. Eccentrics means; Wang Shi Shen Li Shen Gao Xiang yellow eel McKinnon Zheng Xie Luo Pin 33. Kyushu means: Ji Yan Qing Xu, Yong Liang Jing Yang Yu 34. clan means: emperor father grandfather great-grandfather their children and grandchildren great-grandchildren great-great-grandson 35. IX refers to: Xi Jiang mourning chant involves pumping Sihuaishasi beauty Xi Ying Chung sad past Orange return air 36. Nine Songs refer to: East Huangtai a cloud Jun Xiang Jun Xiang Lady big Siming Siming Dongjun less Rehoboth Soul Mountain Ghost National Memorial Ceremony 37. ten means; abysmal with novelist 38. poetess means than in the history of China: Ban Jie Yu (Ban Gu's Regardless of ancestors) Cai Yan Zuo Fen (Mei Zuo Si's) SU Hui Xie Tao Yun Bao Linghui (Bao Zhao's sister) Qingzhao Zhushu Zhen Xue Tao Qiu Jin 39. China's top ten classical tragedy: Flag Jade Hairpin > 42 Chinese ten famous operas: midnight sunrise cock Pingdan corner in Japan, when Japanese food preserved over time into the evening man- 46. Shier Lv: Huangzhongtailv cluster folder too Rui Zhong Gu Xi Zhong Lu Zhong Yi is South Luzon Binlin no shot clock should be 47. Thirteen Classics: Mencius' civil strife 1. four famous Buddhism: Mount Emei Mount Putuo Jiuhuashan 2. China's four great inventions: gunpowder, printing, papermaking compass 3. four diagnostic: look and smell 4. opera four line of business: Health Net once ugly 5. Taoist four mountains: Mount Wudang in Hubei, Anhui, Jiangxi designation of Sichuan Qingchengshan Qi Yun 6. four Grottoes: Yungang Grottoes Longmen Grottoes in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes Maijishan 7. Huangshan four must: pines blame Dan Yunhai Spa 8. Taishan four wonders: the rising sun sunset clouds jade plate with a reflective gold Yellow 9. China's four famous building; Yellow Crane Tower, Yueyang Wang Teng Court Taibai floor 10. four classic novels: ) Travels (Liu E) Flower (ren) 12. civil Four Legends: Legend of Lady Meng Jiang Xunfu White Snake and Xu Xian Butterfly Lovers 13. ancient four beauties: Xi Shi (Shen Yu) Wang Zhaojun (Luo Yan) Diao Chan (closed May) Yang Yuhuan (shame to spend) 14. Ancient Simei: Music delicacies articles conversation / / good morning beautiful enjoyable 15. Sumen four degree: Huang Ting Qin concept was to fill the sheets 16. Sishi: Historical Records Han Jun Han Three Kingdoms 17. the history of four College: Lushan Bailudong Yuelu Hengyang Shek Kwu 18. Shangqiu Yingtianfu 19. the ancient spirits of the four auspicious: Dragon Kirin turtle 20. Song Zhongxing four poets: Lu Yang Wanli Fan Dacheng particular expanse 21. expedition by four and taking the title: Court trial - scholar Provincial Examination - Exams will test - Gong Health Temple disabilities - Scholars 22. eternal Article Four: Han Yu Su Xun Liu Xiu Su Shi 23. have a high value of the three historians and literary history: Historical Records of the Later Han Han 24. three classes of father and son: Ban Biao Ban Gu Ban Zhao 25. refers to three books: Wei Shu Shu Shu Wu Shu descendants be combined into one called Three Kingdoms. 26. Du Fu Zuo Si of three means: Shu Du Fu (Chengdu) Wudu Fu (Nanjing) Weidu Fu (Ye) 27. Southern three Xie: Xie Xie Hui Lian Xie Tiao 28. three thin Ci means: Qingzhao three famous is: 29. Murdoch is not ecstasy, curtain westerly, thinner than yellow. 30. aware of, know about this? Should be a fat red thin. 31. New thin, non-one thousand sick wine, not Autumn. 32. Sook use of the three books textbook referred to as the three heavenly means: Three Character Surnames Thousand Character Classic 33. Banqiao (Zheng Xie) of Ruin means: painting poetry calligraphy 34 Lu Xun's three short stories: body trilogy is: Four Generations 40. pronunciation of Chinese characters refers to the four tones call tones: level up into the modern is divided into: Yin Pingyang level Shangsheng Falling 41. Yuan and Ming Wu The Four: Yankee Gao Qi Zhang Yu Xu Ben 42. Yuan Dynasty Four love stories: 3. four sedentary in the four-body means: people's limbs 4. nothing concrete is: (the Buddha's words) to the composition of the cosmic wind water and fire four elements 5. Honesty and Honor four Guan Zhong,Herve Leger Skirts, the moral as the country's four key link. 6. forty-six text refers to; Parallel a whole chapter or more to four-character white as the sixth sentence, prevalent in the Southern. 7. Five Hegemons means: Duke Gong Chu Zhuang public Qinmu Gong Duke Xiang of Song 8. five other title means: Duke Marquis Earl Viscount Baron 9. Five Classics: Li Yi Spring poetry and literature 10. Five: Five Elements / Wisdom and Faith 11. the five permanent members (the five cardinal): father-son brothers couple friends 12. five teaching: the parent foster mother Ci Xiongyoudigong Zixiao 13. pentameter: miyasho angle Zheng Yu 14. Five Penalties: (Sui ago) cut off the nose cut off the feet Palace Mexico provision (after Sui) Chizhang only flow dead 15. the death of five, said: Son of Heaven - collapse Uncooperative - demise doctor - soldier who - not Paul civilians - dead 16. Tang Dynasty calligrapher Five: Ouyang Xun Liu public rights Yen Chen Chu Sui-liang Zhang Xu 17. Five Masterpieces: Dream of Red Mansions 21 Five Emperors: Emperor Zhuan Xu Ku Tang Yao Shun 22. Wudu: scorpion centipede snake gecko toad 23. just before dawn and the corresponding clock is: a more (19-21) two more (21-23) three-shift (23-1) four more (1-3) just before dawn (3-5) 24. features: Ermukoubi body 25. New China Masters five languages: Guo Mao Dun, Lao She, Ba Jin Zhao 26. five dirty: (Buddha's words) garlic onion leeks scallion Xing drainage 27. Wuling: more example Ridge City Ridge are Pangling Meng Yu Ling Qitianling large 28. flavors: Tastes salty 29. five spices: cinnamon, clove bud pepper anise fennel 30. five internal organs: liver, spleen heart lung and kidney 31. Wuling: High Zuchang Ling Hui Zu Anling emperor Wudi Mao Yang Ling Ling Ling Zhao Diping 32 lakes: Dongting Lake Poyang Lake Chaohu Hongze 33. four oceans: the Pacific Atlantic Indian Arctic 34. Six Classics by mass means: poetry and music ceremony Easy Spring 35. through five by Liu Yi Guan refers to the six arts: ritual book several radio Imperial 36. defined in the Private Six: pictographic instructions under the guise of knowing shape the sound transfer note 37. Songs six justice initiatives: Fuga Chung Fu Buesching 38. six; Ministry of Industry Ministry of Personnel Ministry of Rites of War Punishments 39. Liu Qin; parents, brothers, wife 40. six ancient marriage ceremony: Nace asked Mingnajina period of pro-Qing Zheng Ying 41. Dynasties; Wu Jin Dynasty Song Qiliang all capital Chen Jian Kang, known as the Six Dynasties. 42. domestic animals: sheep dog horse pig and chicken 43. Sumen Liujunzi: Huang Ting Guan Chen Chao to make the teacher said Zhang Li 44. Rokko: 60 Jiazi / Jiazi Jiayin Tzu Jiawu Monkey Awake / pregnancy 45. Liu Chen Buddhist term) and sensual fragrance with the law six kinds of state 46. Luhe: World (top to bottom) East and West 47. Buddhism six (Buddhist term) 眼耳鼻舌身meaning

[Tea] Tea

[] a roadside snack. 麻辣烫 2 eggs, wool 3 4 barbecue skewers. tofu 5 series oil cake 6 pancakes 7 roasted sweet potatoes 8 9 seafood stalls. fried chicken wings

total of knowledge is divided into six kinds: black tea, yellow tea, green tea, white tea, black tea, green tea. One black tea and black tea are fermented tea, not to drink, head over the water needs drained. Green tea is rich in polyphenols, a list of more taste, more drink can effectively reduce the electromagnetic radiation and hazards of computer radiation. Fully fermented black tea is not tea, after drinking Nuanwei role, suitable for drinking in the fall.

harm] [lie-five: 1. disrupt the human biological clock rhythm in the long run will be lack of energy; (2) affecting the gastrointestinal tract functions, easily lead to chronic gastritis, ulcer disease; 3 affect muscle excitability, wake up will feel leg numbness, lower back discomfort; 4 affect memory; 5 sleep late on weekends for a long time will lead to

Ten of the most threatening

lobster living environment filth, the head is easily absorbed heavy metals and bacteria in the site, it is best to go first. Bought live lobsters in the water and placed in care 24-36 hours, to spit sand and other impurities in the body of the net, processing lobster, it two gills in the dirt to be removed, because the hair inside the adsorption of many bacterial gill, gill To cut off, scrub with a brush shrimp. Small claw filth must be easy to cut off the roots, to go through the scrub before cooking.

[fifteen kinds of delicious snacks and healthy nutrition] 1 sunflower seeds, beauty (2) peanuts, anti-skin 3. walnut, may show a 4. jujube prevent scurvy 5 cheese, Guchi 6 . fig, promote blood circulation. 7. Pumpkin seeds and pistachios 8. Toffee 9 chocolate 10. Sesame paste 11 raisins 12 mints 13 oranges, oranges, apples 14 Beef Jerky 15 milk drinks

sleep will accelerate this aging [1], to sleep with a bra (girls); 2, sleeping with makeup; 3, with accessories to sleep; 4 Weizui sleep; 5, before going to bed angry; 6, bedtime meal; 7 , bedtime tea; 8, strenuous exercise before bedtime; 9, pillows are too high; 10, started sleeping pillow; 11, hooded sleeping; 12, mouth breathing; 13, sitting in sleep; 14, relative and sleep; 15, Shoulder and sleep; 16, overdraft sleep.

black eye] [five food eaten: 1 egg: rich in quality protein, promotes cell regeneration, alleviate dark circles; 2. Sesame: rich nourishment to the eye muscle has a role of vitamin E; 3. carrots : rich in vitamin A nourishing eye muscle to maintain epithelial tissue function, improve dark circles; 4 Kelp: Rich in iron, to improve eye blood circulation; 5 green tea: add specific plant nutrients, eliminate dark circles caused by the computer radiation.

[ten] a little knowledge of health, fruit, eat, easy to anemia in 2, to eat tofu, preferably 3 with kelp, grapefruit flavor perfumes make women feel younger age of 6 4 in the morning of the fruit is golden 5, children and senior citizens are need to eat snacks, 6, 7 should not be sedentary in summer, when the taboo Chinese herb: garlic, pepper, lamb, dog, tea, carrots, fish, 8, 9 healthy look in the mirror often, pregnancy can cure migraine 10, do not drink coffee smoking.

[Destroyed] the body of the eight living habits: ① do not eat breakfast: noon meal will make the sharp rise; ② dinner too rich. ③ addicted to drink coffee: too much coffee reduces the intestinal digesta of water, easy to form a constipation effect weight loss; ④ mug tea: hot tea will affect the long soak digestion lead to weight gain; ⑤ fruit as a staple: but easily lead to nutritional imbalance fat accumulation; ⑥ eating too fast; ⑦ shortage of drinking water; ⑧ eat lunch.

[to see what your body needs most fruit] 1 hair perm - avocado, (2) excessive use of brain - bananas, 3 excessive use of eyes - papaya, 4 bleeding gums - Kiwi , 5 long-term smoking - grapes, 6 muscle strain - pineapple, 7 to prevent wrinkles - mango, 8 athlete's foot problems - orange

healthy snack juice] ⑴ nutrition: fruit and vegetable juices, apples, carrots, spinach and celery juice; ⑵ energy supplement: banana papaya yogurt; ⑶ beauty: fresh fruit juice, kiwi fruit, oranges, 1 Green Lemon; ⑷ appetite regulation: grapefruit juice, half a grapefruit, grapes, two spoons honey; ⑸ recover from fatigue: cucumber juice, 1 cucumber, 1 / 2 l milk, 3 mint; ⑹ sedative: wolfberry tea, wolfberry, red date 3 - 4 tablets.

six ways: 1, take a bath before going to sleep, relax the body; 2, before going to bed to maintain emotional stability, not cranky; 3, you can drink a glass of warm milk; 4 1 hour before bedtime to stay away from computers, TV; 5, temporarily put aside the worry, do not think about it; 6, take a deep breath, keep quiet, so that the spirit together, to fall asleep as soon as possible. Sleep is the first element of health, do not stay up it!

[family offer to stay up all night

[make you fall asleep quickly

[woman must have four ace beauty food] 1. mushrooms, 2 soybean, 3 yogurt, 4 barley

prefer you favorite cup of rich creamy future

very delicate like

is usually the first order assumption brewing their own emotions

good at hiding disguised as non-nest the defendant's secret

flammable things in the old cobwebs formed Chaifang

dream of being used for my subconscious to speak

I use the second person

no matter how difficult to revert to the original unfrozen water content

Ever since the mysterious are all back to back into the landscape

deliberately to please the eye to read the order

and your injury is so easy to understand

loved you

close swirling wind like a pillow-like afternoon easy to fall asleep

in the wilderness of aging and again missed the advent of the rainy season

I cast off the boat drifting far


ant large mosquito fern fern walk gingerly dangling a Shupang Dinner

the past I used the first person to love and hate

only grow into what looks like the name

pretend nothing happened, I was listening to Ni Wawa

control youth

and heavy rain after a delicious green

The so-called depression after the air put pen to paper how to write

last until your smile in front of me fill the fields

only smart enough to hide the things that can grow into dandelion

I had in this life can only be one of your circle of serious


poetry language

probe was I mistaken for snakes lizards as I mistakenly thought that their own

dear, I was starting to have some understanding of the language of poetry

but with scales on the pounds to buy ant was a see through it in the next class

Is it just to make the story come to see Lu

copying the script in our

habit of happiness is just a good angle of curvature of the mental state were left sleeping in dismay as the temperature dependence of nostalgic


afternoon how the wind can be described as a bright

but not yet fully mature growing on the mood

is nutrition

your simple self-contained world

dear, I was starting to have some understanding of the language of poetry

some good can only belong to the past


cold winter that year, Christmas has also been hidden in the crowd

I only found the word fresh

apology gesture

no one noticed me in the forest of the lower right of the screen border color description

have a pile of these rhyme words

so-called abstract

thinning time and again by those who find any of the past

planted in grasslands color Sentimental Diary

So I give up spotless over

been repeatedly considered carefully folded tone

that the woman is living in the Chang-cycle re-reincarnation of my mind

so much trouble to lay out the design

has turned youth

in the first two hundred thirty-seven Ministry of nine pounds of word painting side

revealed that until See bloody bone I do not love you

any length to avoid awareness of kin left behind the wall

I use the third person

crush dense shade is suitable for carrying a light fitting in a gentle wet

old man did not say what it

such as with a newspaper folded ready to set sail

dumb the news from the year has been familiar with are still the way back

In fact, all my efforts are not piling up

smoke, such as the winding wire-like doom evening familiar to you slowly slowly being ground into a sharp blade

rhyme game

you are nervous in the development

I'm trying to brush carefully with a picture of you feeding it was One thing

I used the first two person in the drama cried

Apple Milk open the refrigerator to store the top of the South Pacific coral reef sea

cub continues to walk that has been continually expanding the site profile

description too late gentle

so depressed after the air put pen to paper how to write last until your smile in front of me fill the fields

you one of the poems take over feeding the ice outside the strange wind

thousands of years ago I wrote Han Li Tang and life I began to fill in for you lyrics

and I decided in the cat's eyes on travel

low-flying vultures continue to nose around in the mouth of the hills and I inquire about the sound of remorse

will have to continue to repeat those lovable makeup


playground Liunianjiaban looming there in the afternoon of the text recited recitation grocery store is already years ago in moving towards the black and white photographs

I started typing dictionary search what is tired

beginning of the story are pre-laid a hint

Yoshitomo Nara's squint doll bubble began to wear short skirts stockings

swelling grew up in the body is still kept off the satellite Online South Asia

in dead wood on the bridge I just ants with a magnifying glass to view After the place

rampant crabs are not accustomed to travel straight submerge the fish can understand

seal of the city inscribed in the rainy season

touch of the night comes Hong described in the moonlight in your appearance

a cub in the soft breast arbitrary haunt

my section of the wall by your hoarse love

ceremony when picking puzzle of bone into the faith by word of mouth

my childhood that an expanding imagination

opinionated beauty

simply just want to crush a relatively good to describe

bluestone landscape outside the city all the way to a volley of mud brush the tears

last sentence of the perfect love you

when I was willing to complete work on this piece I keep quiet way back in the crowded exhibition hall

out of its relationship with the ultimate white

some good can only belong to the past

poems they were cast aside in the end how to mail a clever apology

Ever since my meditation a poem to you open poetry movement very carefully very light

gentle thoughts covered wilderness as closely as forests surrounded

must have some kind of special shape

oath planting season in the blink of an eye together for life-long heavy-fruiting

teardrop or bloom

sigh or leave

in determining the day you leave

may have time to dry at low tide the waves maybe my life, I should never have come ashore

I dump the whole box and you relevant and clear yellow color in the past

and start a cat- the same preference for apple milk

close to the line minus the bell a good look at the specific

details are flowering gene delivery

, how will the color of flowers with a hint of farewell

day light slowly rising hills witnessed waves of high tide in the wanton

be thoroughly into wheat-colored breathing

not fixed to mobile convergence in the dream confession ended

break even so too much can actually be beautiful

damn alarm clock

years ago, he actually seems like a good phrase wow tender pity

Dielian people love emergence into an inexhaustible supply of food and considerate

memories as extremely slow and difficult to dissolve sugar

letter in elegant plain handsome master in writing on the Jian

where the clouds like a nice and warm quilts

in a large number of emission color wrapping paper, I only have you come to taste the sweet smile

commitment should refer to an abstract space

I carefully opened the rubble lizard swiftly not see the moment that the mood

Time should not be so specific to describe

at sea level elevation of white paint is already the most distinguished


so posture is said to be then further down the bottom of the humus soil of love

is gradually adapting to this warm and slightly acid Weather

or the gospel itself should be a little bit changes

as in the lush green forest-like memories

secret was carefully surprising flaws track I deliberately let your modesty relax

figure soft enough The birds in the dark in low-altitude penetration through hard rock

some good can only belong to the past


not miss the front side of the leaves wither and the oncoming wind and snow

core is extremely light highly satisfied with its emerald green water is very pleasing

wait so many years of greetings on line

burial poem in my room, punctuate with branches

the thickness of this candy can make out those who can not afford our memories only when the audience

sober face and even anger are bringing a very nice

began having left the air pupal larvae climb in memory of broken branches in the past


is daisy light listen to the name fragile

then hypocritical writing write two characters

filed in through the hymn classes but seemingly it is not

, how will the color of flowers with a hint of farewell

Spring has always been a It does not belong to the land

influx of moisture inside the pan growing ferment in the storage memory of

In by far the most outer rings I see lang's you

not be trusted after all, the temperature can not digest it not seen prosperity

cat or preference preference for a taste similar to milk, apple of love

then there is no burden follow the progress very carefully

a stay alert and out of lizard skin with camouflage Snake's Market

meet the grass

between the recipient and the sender maintains a perfect ratio


has been at right angles to the halfway up the mountain is still deliberately lifting height above sea level

your self into a pure one of the world

unconscious on hearing it is the same the world like marriage and can not unilaterally fill out

rainy season with this fragile point in the fast paced drum beat in the past

without any shelter square and anyone had moderate lying

love the crowd in a transparent can be seen through several successive Who

filtered through years left on the beach can complete

be filtered out that the last remaining light as a feather of pride

and love of humanity from the point

there is no need alarmed those who worship the fragrant

your tentacles soft and attractive presence

I smile while your mouth is very strong very strong mixing

lazy, tropical for a nap is my dream of being the face of fresh hit

hopeless thirty one word

to do is look to the end of sonorous

moderately curly sad

wow his good phrase tender pity I had been able to walk with their feet


distance from shore was removed in seven colors across the colorful past

the right side of the bed I wake up with a new tail to grow out

those romantic

is a landscape to be laughed

over the city in the joy of Christmas Eve you're trying to slow dial clock test blood in sacrifice for all people who received Christmas cards stopped unpacking

so I miss the time raised a pool of Hibiscus

high latitudes can not pry the wings sometimes encouraged hypoxia

because you always love a line will disappear as the rain stops the rainbow

been spoiled by

eventually shed not a home Who says leather snake hidden in the nest four feet on the extra

they continue to avoid distortions in the formal removal of corridors romantic


original heartbreaking Tears of Blood in the hands of the poet's parting

has accumulated over the years into a difficult to dissolve the pain

ink landscape

has been avoided in the opened out before most of the destruction force

Moonlight Spike color issue with the voice of my crying, pale and environment

certainly have been white from the top and shake off

honored gifts

understand I will know a secret

fear will only dare to dream like you in that part of my waking

well as careful as you reach a very delicate like

skin is trying to form again in the glossy dark green

has been weaned of the North the story just to budding cropped head

vast expanse of reed can only be beautiful in the winter

in the roots of hair after all the world

a proud bald eagle was circling out of my eyes you fed

readily DAI Qi-shade hats have become more conscious I am not here with accent tone

kitsch is a very sad

those beautiful fragrance of youth, such as wine Montreal

sizzling sun that sit on the silent air prevented it from imitation reptile class elegance

I used to cut open cross-section of youth began to meet with you to find the year

egrets pose the hills in the distance elegant by a man with ink paintings on porcelain

some words that naked people disgust with the frustration

bird's eye view of the land in the sky a few free months of hard work finally reaped the beautiful

end of the rainbow is a ray of winding tidal aroma

just to make the last sentence of the last sentence

wave of cramps I will go past one by one with the moonlight wrung

this Photosynthesis is the city any one want to have fuzzy memories of faces

in the most closest to the promised land of God fountain

to break down the dead leaves in the corruption actually also with a smile

Miaohou only burned the ashes do not see the whole style of the shape


can actually can be a very light touch of a very shallow

I eventually have to be put on the cloak of the snake back to reptilian Market

how the afternoon the wind can be described as a bright

not scroll painting that is always on who is

has turned youth

because who likes who had only suitable for handwriting with a pencil moved

on the blessings of Christmas that year he is also too general

you are my ink painting with plenty of parting

Vincent Fang

the middle course of the story yet to create a polished

ruins scattered waves breaking bi thick tangle of dead blood, hair

next phrase of each paragraph spacing

your simple self-contained world

frame where it is not just tingling all over coniferous forest

and based on the corner of my precarious very happy

began sticky all the way to you all

continued addiction Italy prostitution crown

I was too late in the third person description of tenderness

which vegetation will eventually be read during the summer months

in Harajuku, Tokyo's crow a hair

I just really would almost went to the light of her apple cheeks

have my hypoxia of high altitude is sad

very light wind chimes very careful as a cat with a poem I read to you

youth, such as wine

all had many years ago, are you on the proportion of accurate Dream

covered with moss of dead wood across the pond was covered with duckweed as a bridge

change of heart

fact they are deliberately left blank between

read a poem to you the roof after the rain is really suitable for wind chimes

mortuary poetry room

ridiculed landscape

you just emerge from the buds out of the window to see the voice of the wind is very light

and love of humanity from the point

distance before the first kiss

not yet the experience of aging can be extra floor


angle poignant melodramatic few

gothic church was forced to equal which of course includes those stained glass windows

you reach out and grab a hand full from the glass in hand filled favored

air flowing high purity and innocent

birch forest over the entire spring wayward embrace the hunger

analysis must personally check those as fine as dust-like images that poetry began with the actual weight of the

pure long-distance That whole piece bird's eye view of the moon and vegetation cover can only use

bottle is a round old-fashioned nostalgia camel-like material remaining in the glass surface in

cried in the drama

card The writing began to be torture to extract confessions


happy with the summer rain has full ripe parting

high above the sky have only just decided to replace the blue

then began to spoil the scope of a large area of ​​convergence

injury packing in the precarious rock

be sad to throw a moderate curling promise of desire





finished plants, come to talk about animal issues. You attend the banquet, if there is beef, but also pork, should eat pork, beef, too many problems. First there is mad cow disease, the second foot and mouth disease, the third bad cholesterol. If there are pork and mutton, mutton; have another chicken and mutton, chicken; have another fish, chicken, fish; fish shrimp there, then eat them ah. It is not polite, the smaller the animal protein as possible, simple and popular nutrition depends on the size of the animal. International Conference, said, the best flea protein. Fleas, though it is so small, it can jump 1 meter high, you believe it? If it is enlarged to the people so much, it does not jump to the moon? So, a few American doctors wondering how to eat fleas it. -

There is also a principle of eating: eat to master volume, not better. Eat Qicheng full, life can not stomach to eat Bacheng up, and if eating holders is full, that the two become redundant, waste, useless. So, do suggest that you eat golden 0.618: non-staple food staple 6 4; coarse flour and rice 6 4. -

wine: anti-aging, lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol. Therefore, the rich drink red wine, grapes do not have money spit grape skin, as health care. -


myocardial infarction, but it can be prevented. Some doctors tell you take aspirin, and why? Aspirin makes the blood is not sticky, not myocardial infarction. However, aspirin's consequences? Consequences of retinal hemorrhage. Now many people retinal bleeding, I advise you not to eat aspirin. Aspirin is now Europe has not eat, eat? Eat black fungus. -

Although he did not rule




; ; the third is called state of mind.

on the morning exercise, I came back from abroad, see a lot of the old man, old woman carrying a sword on the morning of 5,6 points out. In the evening, the Chinese old man, old lady could not see, are at home watching TV does. This is wrong. Morning exercise is very dangerous, in the morning, the law of the human biological clock is high temperature, high blood pressure, and adrenaline than four times higher at night, if you intense exercise, it is easy to trouble, prone to cardiac arrest. -

radish, pumpkin, bitter gourd, tomatoes, garlic, black fungus and pollen, are beneficial to health food. -


then say, Our survey found that Chinese people lack of quality protein. So, sports competitions, we win the old ball, big ball on the victorious. Why? A kick on the pitch of a collision on a somersault. Now, our medicine is much higher than the United States, but our bodies are not as good as others. Chinese lack of quality protein, high-quality protein, not how to do? Ministry of Health has proposed a After I spoke, and some students say, become a -




now, humans eat animals, eat too much, and uneven thickness of the grain. One of my patients, breath eat six large buns, 20-year-old got the stomach to expand, diagnosis, either to die, either gastrectomy. The results removed half of the stomach, I am here every day to run. Must be appropriate to eat, the elderly in particular do eat Qicheng eat. -


have soy milk, the latter say. -

I suggest you exercise the evening. International regulations, and, after a meal 45 minutes before exercise. The elderly, walking on it, once for 20 minutes. -

black fungus has two roles, one of which is that blood is not sticky. The role of the black fungus is found in the American Heart specialists. He found that after all the Europeans, who have money and rank have changed the black fungus eat, and eat aspirin. -


; ; the second is called aerobic exercise,

a balanced diet -

2, -

garlic, cancer of the king. I say just a how to eat garlic, some people say: too warm to eat. --- What are you how warm? I tell you, garlic heating effect is zero! Tell you, must first cut into pieces of garlic, a piece of sheet, exposed to air for 15 minutes after eating, so eat garlic to be useful. The original, garlic itself is not cancer, Allicin only cancer, but cancer of the king. That day, I see people eat garlic, he took a bowl of noodles, then quickly put the garlic peeling out, a one to eat, not eat up to 5 seconds. Not even 5 seconds, what is the use of garlic that you? No use. If you do not follow my method, it is quite unlikely. Many people do not eat garlic, because it is flavored. Do not worry, eat hawthorn, eat peanuts, tea, and then chewing a good point, no flavor. Foreigners eat garlic every week, why not eat it! When dumplings, dipped large minced garlic (sliced ​​or mashed at the end will do) very good vinegar. -

What kind of person is



If you eat peanuts, do not eat, really eat, peel and eat. You see we Chinese peanuts, such as spiced peanuts, fried peanuts, fried peanuts, all the skin. You go to Europe to see, no skin of peanuts, people know not to eat the skin. Some people said: I tell you, peanut skin was increased platelets, used to stop bleeding, we do not eat in the elderly. -

milk? Containing the oligosaccharides in milk, it can be absorbed 100%, and soy milk also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, calcium content than milk and more. There is no anti-cancer substances in milk, and soy milk, there are five kinds of anti-cancer substances. The **** especially isoflavones, specifically the prevention, treatment, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, colon cancer. So for us yellow people, the most suitable is the milk. I am not against people drinking milk, but in order to prevent cancer, be sure to drink milk. Some people stopped to drink milk, soy milk, and this method is not necessarily good. You can then drink the milk, add a little milk properly. -


window of time, 9 am to 11 am, 2 pm to 4 points. Why? Because after 9 am sinking of air pollution, reduce pollutants, there is no dust phenomenon. Members note that the morning open the window, not in the window of breath, or carcinogenic substances, dust material have come to your lungs, and easy to get lung cancer.

then talk about the black fungus. What role do black fungus? Now one to the New Year, myocardial infarction are more numerous and increasingly early age, young age of only 30 years old. Why New Year, the more myocardial infarction? Two reasons: one is the thick blood coagulation constitution, that is, high fat; the other is because the New Year to eat foods particularly hypercoagulable. We remember the people called thick blood coagulation constitution. Hypercoagulable hypercoagulable physical person with food, so the New Year many people, especially myocardial infarction, and age. -

last thing to mention is millet. We are millet plus rifles to fight the victory ah! I returned and asked: In fact, Have such a big advantage you do not eat! -

I believe




so-called balanced diet, drinking and eating two categories. -

hypercoagulable constitution? The answer is short, thick, fat people, especially menopausal women compatriots. Moreover, A1 blood type are more likely to become thick blood coagulation constitution. Also, the shorter the neck the more likely the high coagulation thick. Prevention of myocardial infarction, First New Year do not eat Hesse Hu; second drink plenty of tea, blood circulation; third do not get angry, and his blood thick. Thick blood also easy to drink liquor, drink to drink red wine a day does not exceed 100 ml. -


to eat animals, the smaller the animal the more nutritional value. -


fish, especially for elderly frail people are particularly suitable. Of course, the shrimp better than the fish. Japanese long life, longevity areas in the sea of ​​Japan, is the place to fish. Particularly want to eat fish, shrimp, in particular to eat whole fish (with headband tail), because the active substances in fish and shrimp head and abdomen. You will not buy fish buy shrimp? Should only buy fish shrimp, whole fish and eat the whole shrimp. This head has learned. -

morning exercise is not recommended. 11 pm to 4 am, unshakeable to sleep. -



; ; first called balanced diet,

Although the article is very long, but benefit from reading it again, oh worthy of collection, professor of health lectures notes, life should be able to reach 100 to 150 years old, why have not reached it? The main reason is that we do not attach importance to health care, do not know how health knowledge. Many people die of ignorance, it is very wrong ah! -


radiation great impact on our body, there are four kinds of prevention methods. -



longevity, money and power are not the principal, the main thing is to understand health care. -


grains which have oats, long known abroad, many Chinese people do not know. If your high blood pressure, must eat oats, oatmeal, oatmeal, because it fat, lowering blood pressure. -

cereals in the second mention is buckwheat. Why mention buckwheat? Many people now are The buckwheat is precisely the I asked the university students: What is buckwheat? They do not know, I know burgers. Buckwheat contains 18% cellulose, easy to get people to eat buckwheat gastrointestinal cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer is not easy. We take the office who have cancer, colon cancer, many. You want to eat buckwheat? -



there, watching TV to pay attention, good TV to watch a moment, the TV does not look bad. Why? Sat there a long time, hemagglutination degrees will rise. I am particularly worried about? Already short, thick, fat, no neck, still menopause, blood type is A1,monster beats by dre, Hu eat Hesse, then an angry, drink liquor, finished eating peanuts is not peeling, myocardial infarction, he was no good, my doctor had improperly . -

because mushrooms can improve immune function. The same office, it was old and cold, it was old and not sick, why? Immune function is not the same. Mushroom soup can help improve the immune system, so is health care. -

green tea: In all the drinks, it is the first cancer. Drink green tea, can protect the teeth, but also the blood vessel is not easy to break. -

these three milestones, most of the international community to know, and we know most people. Three milestones of the title will not change, but the content may change at any time. -


Third, the mental state: mental state is not good to eat for free, white sport. Angry is someone else's mistake to punish oneself. Not ill, every day there is really healthy kind, please, feel is the only wealth that can not be won, happy happy laughter can improve breathing increases oxygen supply, is gastrointestinal aerobics, improving reproductive function, the body may lead to many health hormone, is pretty healthy person, cause people are charming, who loved the sun is moist, and do a happy person. Love yourself first and then have the ability to love others, learn to laugh, laugh, happy happy every day!

we must understand that diet is more important than medication, which is Li said -

Second, aerobic exercise -


If you want to lose weight, a half hour to an hour before meals, eat four Spirulina, loss of appetite, and lack of nutrition. Europeans on the use of spirulina to lose weight, the domestic use of the diet, eat Dora, not a solution. -

me summarize. Great impact of radiation on us, but there are several ways to prevent: the first drink green tea; second to eat vegetables, turnip; third eat spirulina, but to choose the right; fourth Fukang eat algae. According to their economic conditions to select a, it is not eat apples and oranges. -










Now WHO (World Health Organization) suggest that you eat chicken and fish. Why no mention of shrimp it? Not not mention, but the shrimp is too expensive, not easy to spread. If you have shrimp or prawns well. I now hold such a principle: if there is a principle: If you have shrimp, I ate two shrimp, two more than you have a stomach protein than beef. Very popular fish, fish protein for 1 hour can be absorbed, the absorption rate of 100%, and beef protein 3 hours to absorb. -



Aquatica is the second mention of the pumpkin. Why Tinan melon it? It stimulates β-cells to produce insulin. Therefore, people who eat pumpkin is not easy to get diabetes. Bitter melon should also be mentioned, it was tough, but the secretion of insulin-like substance, easy to eat bitter people who have diabetes. Pumpkin, bitter gourd, our age, people must eat. -

bone soup with one kind of gelatinous material longevity, so the world has a bone soup Street, and China did not. We investigated a bit, most recently in Suzhou, Nanjing city has, Beijing or not. -



50-year-old to see live at least 20 years, 40 years to see live at least 30 years of letters? I believe


experience of a principle: the morning is not recommended to do strenuous exercise in the elderly. -

We do not oppose the morning walk, doing gymnastics, tai chi, qigong. This is justifiable. However, if the morning of intense exercise in the elderly, engage in long-distance running, Pa Xiangshan, 100 victims without a profit, but mortality is high. If you are not long-distance race may not die, might die if you do not climb mountains, run the steps, climb the mountain, the result is harm to their own, called die of ignorance. I stress again: the morning is not recommended to do strenuous exercise in the elderly. -

What are the advantages


because yogurt is to maintain the flora balance. The so-called maintenance of flora balance, is so beneficial bacterial growth, and to eliminate harmful bacteria, so eating yogurt can reduce the disease. Yogurt is very popular in Europe, we have many girls like yogurt, but they do not understand what the benefits of yogurt. We are very surprised that China is very low sales of yogurt, and milk sales lot. We do not deny the role of the milk itself, but it is not the same as compared with the yogurt. -



He said you do not talk about the amount, I'll give you the amount of plus points. Who told you to increase the amount? 300 mg cholesterol, one egg is right, why eat half a catty? Also made out of Twelve soy protein is equal to twenty-two lean, mean thirty-two eggs, equal forty-two rice, should you ate? The United States on August 15 each year as the country's Americans do not lack quality protein, soy is the nutrition they think the flower, the king of beans. -

we know how to care it? Victoria International on a declaration, the declaration has three milestones:


we all know, the best Asian food pyramid. What is Pyramid? Is to cereals, pulses, vegetable species for food basis. -



the morning to get up on time, 5 to 6 points - for your reference. -




1, -

six international conference on health care: the first green tea; second red wine; third milk; fourth yogurt - your attention to it: people do not put milk; fifth bone soup; sixth mushroom soup. -


corn, buckwheat, potatoes, oats, millet, diet is more important than medication. -


grains for the third point is the sweet potato, sweet potato, yam and potatoes. Why? It is the original Absorb moisture, lubricate intestines and difficult to get cancer, colon cancer; absorption of fat and sugar, is not easy to have diabetes; absorption of toxins, less prone to gastrointestinal inflammation. I also investigated in the United States, the United States to eat a variety of potato is to make it into cakes, eat less. Want people to eat more potatoes, the staple food in the can with a potato. -

Why are people writing small novellas as comments?

Just curious..

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we may encounter a particular journey, we meet by chance, but the brief encounter, we speak their minds, our unbridled joy, we performed in front of each other almost perfectly, however, we are merely traveling companion.

we may encounter in an unknown bar, the bar touching music, ambiguous light, we have never met before, we looked to each other, and then, you came to me and said: some ambiguous, paradoxical, we make fun of each other, then their left.

love how complex and trivial things, we understand that all the love, no matter how fresh start and sweet, to the last injury and will become heavy.

love how complex and trivial things, we understand that all the love, no matter how fresh start and sweet, to the last injury and will become heavy. We are men and women the experience of life, so have learned to love away, learn from life what may be to avoid damage, we have lost the courage to love selflessly.

known for years that we may be friends, each married, but with a touch of feeling haunted, we can talk about anything, we care for each other, we were feeling, but we still do not reveal this kind of relationship in their lifetime, the so dense.

We are reluctant to carefully build

we may meet in a virtual network across the screen, we were each other's words to attract,dr dre studio, we do not meet, do not speak, do not know each other's face, there is a feeling in each other silently flowing stretches, however, We do not down the network, because in real life, you are not a prince, I am not a princess.

we are all secular men and women, we suspect that love, love, fear, denial of love, but we can not stop, without exception, love, longing and expectation. In this restless age, in the calm of subsurface life, surging undercurrent. In our well-dressed appearance, all conceal a restless evil. Notices over ceremony, docile and well-hidden under the appearance of instability is the dolphin's heart, always looking forward to unusual things happen, ready to break the status quo, always waiting for rebellion or derailment. And we must also admit that the ambitious but timid as a mouse, although we have one thousand kinds of ten thousand kinds of wonderful assumptions, but honestly still crouched in situ, stalled.

we may one day, in a strange street rub shoulders, you do not know me, I do not know you, but have been attracted each other, we are deeply in the eye, kept looking back, we make eye contact, but eventually disappeared in the sea.

Therefore, we flirt, we are ambiguous, but never love. Love is not love, never worse.

We need to feel love and be loved, except that no third parties can understand each other's touch of bitterness and melancholy, happiness and joy hidden. We love love love love indulging in the kind, was removed in love, in love to enjoy the love thoughts, and even cry in the process of love, but love does not love to pack a feather left.

those happy, we are more afraid of those shackles of responsibility, emotional entanglement. At a given moment, you may appear in a moment in my life halt or stay, we flirt, we are emotional, but we never love.

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