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March 29, 2004

Random Observations

So, did any of you catch the Gopher's hockey games on Victory Sports this weekend? I sure did. I switched Victory on as soon as they began broadcasting on Friday night just so I could say I saw it on the air. While I hope that Victory and the big cable companies end their squabble, I'm not going to hold my breath. One suggestion I have for Victory, however, when they finally get on the air for real, is to get some new commercials. Victory must have showed the Debt-Free consolidation commerical 100 times, along with the inventor commercial, and the coffee/tea pouch commercial. It was like I was watching Sally Jesse Raphael instead of a hockey game.

Speaking of the Gophers, their run in the NCAA tournament finally came to an end. Over these past few years I have really come to enjoy Gopher hockey so I was a little disappointed. Both living in Minnesota and working at the U have given me a new understanding about how important hockey is to this state. One thing I've learned is that the U of M can handle a mediocre football team. We can stomach a less than stellar season from the basketball team. But one thing the U and its fans will not tolerate is a poor hockey season. The U of M will always have a strong hockey team. It is almost a guarantee. I've already heard that some people are upset with this year, and the Gophers won the WCHA Final Five! High expectations are good though.

Not too much on the stadium front. Today, the bill will be heard by the Governmental Operations and Veterans Affairs Committee. And from what I understand, it will be after 5:00 today and the meeting will go long into the night. There was also a nice profile of Doug Stang in the StarTrib today. I've written Doug before and I got a nice response from him. He is one of the "good guys" in the legislature. Thoughtful, hard working, and always trying to do the right thing, no matter how controversial it is. I can't see his backing of this stadium bill hurting his chances of re-election. At least I hope it won't. Of course, I will be commenting on the committee's response to the stadium bill tomorrow.

Lastly, people in the Twin Cities actually got a chance to watch the Twins yesterday! Channel 45 showed a spring training game, so I of course watched as much of it as I could. Lohse looks good. And the StarTrib has a hilarious article about Doug Mientkiewicz and how Matt LeCroy was sent in as a pinch runner for him during the game. Other than that, the bullpen is shaping up, Santana is looking good (finally!), and the Twins are actually hitting for power this spring. I am really looking forward to this season! Should be fun. Hopefully we'll all be able to watch the games on TV!

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