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April 9, 2004

A refreshing drink

I'm about to demonstrate to you how pointless some blog entries can be. And yet you will keep on reading. It's fascinating, I think. Why do you keep on reading? We'll never know, I guess. Anyway, tonight Alex's Cub Scout pack had a Pack Meeting. During the meeting I decided to walk around the church and do some investigating. Shortly into my walk I came across a Pepsi vending machine and I thought to myself, "Boy, am I thirsty," but I noticed the machine wasn't plugged in. So, I plugged it in and the machine lit up and started to hum. I thought to myself, "You know, you probably shouldn't have any pop tonight. You'll have to go to the restroom right during the badge ceremony (actual thought!)." So, I decided to get some refreshing lemonade. My mouth started to salivate as I put my dollar in and made my selection. However, when I reached down to pick up my lemonade I noticed the bottle was completely covered in frost. "Nice and chilly," I thought to myself. Oh cruel fate! Not only was the bottle covered in frost, the lemonade inside was completely frozen! That is why the vending machine was unplugged, to thaw out the contents! For the rest of the evening, my bottle of lemonade mocked and tortured me as I was left to drink water from the drinking fountain. Believe me, it was very frustrating.

See what you get when there is no stadium news? If you made it to the end of this pointless piece, I am impressed.

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