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April 20, 2004

Victory news

A little bit of news today concerning Victory from the StarTrib:

"One of the key issues has been Victory's asking price per subscriber, which has dipped to $1.85 from around $2.20 according to one cable operator. Still, it doesn't appear that will be enough of a cut."

Well, that is good to hear, although it is still about 20-30 cents more than cable companies pay for Fox Sports Net. At some point I hope the Twins decide something is better than nothing.

However, I am a little surprised by the negative reaction to Victory Sports from the general public. God forbid the Twins make a little money to make the team more viable in the long run. It may be painful for us in the short term to not be able to see the Twins, but Victory Sports will make the Twins more competitive in the future. I'm also a firm believer that Victory will bring us one step closer to seeing a stadium built in Minnesota, and creating this TV network shows a committment from the Twins that they won't seek contraction when the current CBA expires. Why would they go through all this work only to then contract the team in 3 years? Victory Sports gives me a little more piece of mind that baseball will remain in Minnesota for years to come.

Truthfully, I am really sick of all the whining. Give me a break. If Victory doesn't come on by the All-Star break then we can start whining, but for now I'm pulling for the Twins in this dispute. Already I can see at least one benefit of Victory even though I can't watch it: I haven't had to sit through any commercials for "The Best Damn Sports Show Period." We should be thanking Pohlad for saving us from that fate, not berating him for doing exactly what we've been asking him to do for years: to stop whining about being small market, suck it up, and start looking at new ways to make the Twins profitable.

Time Warner keeps telling me that it doesn't want to charge me extra for Victory Sports. I tell you what I don't want them to charge me for, Spike TV. Who came up with that lame channel? Joe Schmo? Blind Date? Crappy movies? Who watches this channel? It sure isn't the "men" they are aiming for. And who watches the Lifetime Movie Channel? I would even give up ESPN Classic to get access to Victory Sports. I guess my point is cable companies could definitely shave away some of the excess to keep cable bills where they are at. They used to show CNNSI, why can't they show Victory Sports?

Well, enough for now. Hopefully this will all be resolved soon.

Posted by snackeru at April 20, 2004 7:55 AM | Sports business


I have a counterpoint on this. While I have absolutely no problem with the Twins trying to make money how they can, Victory Sports has serious issues. Yes, we'll be able to see all the Twins and Gopher games, but that's it. They have nothing else substantial to offer the viewing public. The price for this is out of whack with what FSN can do. FSN is way more than just Twins baseball and they showed a good amount of their games on TV at a much lower cost.

The Yankees are the only other MLB team out there with their own TV network I believe, so this is uncharted waters for the most part. This is going to be the benchmark for every other team in their negotiations when they want their own channel as well, so the cable/satellite companies have to make sure that the price that is charged is for a quality product. Victory is not close to one, that is the main frustration.

I certainly agree with your point of view on the crappy cable stations, but they at least offer a full variety of programming, which provides some justification for thier cost. I would love for the cable/satellite companies to offer packages where we pick the channels we want and nothing else. That glorious day is not coming for quite a while, unfortunately. Bottom line, Victory does not have it's act together yet and wants too much $ to start. It is alienating a fan base and the longer this drags out, the worse it will get. If it is not done by the All-Star break, you are going to have a portion of that fan base forever lost, and that would be a shame.

Posted by: Cheesehead Craig at April 21, 2004 8:58 AM

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