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April 21, 2004

Victory and stadiums

OK, let's get the important Victory Sports news of the day out of the way way right from the start. Charley Walters is reporting in the Pioneer Press:

"Word is the impasse between Twins' TV rights-holder Victory Sports One and some of the six primary cable and satellite operators could be resolved next week as negotiations continue behind the scenes."

This is really good news, and hopefully it has a little bit of truth to it. My day is immediately brightened when Shooter has a new article in the Pioneer Press, but even more than Sid you've got to take his columns with a grain of salt. Speaking of Victory, my son's Cub Scout den went bowling last night at the Park Tavern in SLP. Park Tavern is one of the few bars in the area that shows Victory Sports so I got to watch most of the game. The place was packed and the atmosphere was good. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

The Pioneer Press is also reporting that the impasse in negotiations between Victory and the cable companies is hurting the Twins' chances for a workable stadium bill this year. After yesterday's tirade you might think I'd be really upset about this, but I'm not. First of all, I love how the Twins are always on the minds of our legislators this year. Apparently our representatives and senators are getting "peppered" with messages from constituents demanding that this issue is resolved. This fact, coupled with all the messages they get in favor of building stadiums, has got to demonstrate to them how important the Twins are to the residents of this state. True many of the messages they are getting are negative towards the Twins, but I would think if the Twins were contracted or moved to another city the legislature has got to realize they would get some really negative messages. Secondly, the minute Victory Sports is put on cable in the TC area (and surrounding areas) people will forget all about this impasse and hopefully start focusing on how the network will start helping the Twins bottom line. In other words, Twins fans are not going to care, they are just going to be happy that the Twins are back on TV. Finally, we have this quote:

"The connection with the stadium legislation involves more than just votes. The stadium bill, should it pass, permits the taxation of cable revenue to help pay for the ballpark."

This should be the focus of every fan of the Twins: Victory Sports could make a new Twins stadium in Minnesota more of a reality. Again, let's give the Twins the benefit of the doubt on this one and put things into perspective for now. We have missed 8 games on TV so far. Patience, people, patience.

Finally, my best buddy in Grand Forks, ND points out this little piece of news that TC the Bear was almost injured last night:

"Mascot T.C. Bear, driving a four-wheeler before the game, unexpectedly veered into the wall, tearing down a banner in the process. The bear was unhurt."

I know kids love the bear, but I can't stand him so I got a little chuckle out of this news. Although my respect for him shot through the roof when I saw him cranking homeruns in his softball challenge before games last year. Yikes has he got some power! So, perhaps I'll have to start showing TC a little love.

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Did you see the cover story last week in the weekly Pulse (I usually don't pick it up but the cover grabbed me attention), it should still be available at www.pulsetc.com
Anyway it focused on Minneapolis' Twinsville plan. There are quotes from the typical opposition; Tom Goldstein, Dan Dobson. Just an aside, I stopped subscribing to Tom's Elysian Fields Quarterly because of his constant opposition to a "realistic" new Twins ballpark.
The piece is pretty much saying that Minneapolis has no plans to try to adhere to the $10 million cap on a stadium contribution. With all the fine print in a final bill they think they can bypass that limit.
The end of the article lists a few opposition websites; www.fieldofschemes.com (national)
www.nostadiumtax.com (local) and the Say it aint So Joe sight www.siasj.com
I couldn't get this sight called up. I think that all the bars and restaurants that signed on to this group don't want their name out because they are afraid of losing business to pro-stadium folks. This is prompting me to finally forward to you the list of 80 establishments that signed the petition in support of Say it aint So Joe and Dave Thune's city council proposal rejecting Mayor Kelly's planned 3% bar and restaurant tax.
Another intersting note is at the Pulse website there is a place to vote regarding the stadium issue. Last time I checked, the voters were in favor of the State figuring out a way to pay for pro stadiums. Not bad for a paper that is usually just picked up in co-ops and record stores.
-Jim in St. Paul

Posted by: Jim in St. Paul at April 21, 2004 2:16 PM

No I hadn't seen that article from the Pulse, but now that I have all I can say is what a horrible article! I'm not sure how much we can trust it since it was so full of holes and errors. Sorry I haven't gotten the SIASJ list up yet. I hope to do it this afternoon (4/22).

Posted by: Shane at April 22, 2004 1:09 PM

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