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April 22, 2004

Restaurants to avoid

UPDATE: You know, many people actually use this list to support restaurants that stood up to the Twins. If that is you, great! That is what free enterprise/democracy/freedom of speech etc. is all about: having the freedom to make your own choices based on what you think is right.

Also, this list is very old now. I can't even say it is accurate any more. In other words, use it or don't. Makes no difference to me.

Back in January David Thune, St. Paul City Councilman, conducted a survey of restaurants and bars in St. Paul asking them about their willingness to have an additional 3% tax levied in their establishments in order to fund a Twins stadium in St. Paul. These are the restaurants and bars that said no to the tax. Before you go out to eat in St. Paul again, please look over this list to make sure you don't eat at one of these establishments. We should make sure we patronize restaurants and bars that support the Twins and keeping baseball in Minnesota. Special thanks to Jim in St. Paul for tracking down and providing this list! Let me know when you get a list of the supporters put together!



Serlin's Café

1124 Payne Avenue

Magnolias Restaurant

1081 Payne Avenue

Sui Yep Café

1010 Payne Avenue

Best Steak House

949 Payne Avenue

Louie Bar

883 Payne Avenue

Reaney's Bar

870 Payne Avenue

Michael's Pizza

441 South Robert

Brown Derby

567 Stryker Avenue

AM Lounge

488 N Robert Street

Magic Carpet Café

509 Sibley Street

Princess Garden

1665 Rice Street

Coffee Cup

1446 Rice Street

Tin Cups

1220 Rice Street

Papa Mikes Pizza

1048 Rice Street

Mama's Pizza

961 Rice Street

Born's Bar

899 Rice Street

Ron's Bar

879 Rice Street

Sa-gar Restaurant

601 University

Best Steak House

860 University

Herges Bar

981 University

Half Time Rec

1013 Front Avenue

Schroeder Bar & Grill

605 Front Street

Easy Street West

616 Como

Liquor City

560 West Como

Minnehaha Lanes

955 Seminary Avenue

Over The Rainbow

719 N Dale Street

K & L Liquor, Inc.

501 Blair Avenue


452 Selby Avenue

BonVie/A Piece of Cake

485 & 518 Selby Avenue

The Vintage

579 Selby Avenue

Chicago Submarine

614-612 Selby Avenue

Tavern on Grand

656 Grand Avenue

Italian Pie Shoppe

777 Grand Avenue

Wild Onion

788 Grand Avenue

Grand Thai

758 Grand Avenue

St. Clair Broiler

1580 St. Clair Avenue

Hot City Pizza

1017 W 7th


605 West 7th

Dairy Queen

63 W George N

Boca Chica

11 Concord

Michael's Bar

1179 E 7th Street

Great World Buf.

1626 White Bear Avenue


1347 Burns Avenue

Sun Ray Bowl

2245 Hudson Road

Black Dog Café

308 Prince Street

The Original Sub Shop

825 E 7th Street

Arcade Bar

932 Arcade Street

Vogel's Lounge

1112 Arcade Street


1409 Arcade

Dairy Queen

1233 Payne Avenue

Hot Rods Bar

1553 University Avenue

Snelling Café

638 Snelling Avenue N

Mirror of Korea

761 Snelling Avenue

Andy's Garage

1825 University Avenue W

Copper Dome Restaurant

1333 Randolph Avenue

J & S Bean Factory

1518 Randolph Avenue

Goby's Grille & Pub

472 S Snelling Avenue

Village Bistro

2012 Ford Parkway

Ermias Queen of Sheba

2447 W 7th Street

La Hacienda

2467 W 7th Street

Scooters Bar

755 Jackson Street

Sports Break

1194 Rice Street

Perfect Pizza

1098 Arcade Street

Eastside Checkerboard

992 Arcade

Angelos Pizza

1668 White Bear Avenue

Pizza Man

1567 White Bear Avenue

Hoagie's Bar

1900 Stillwater Avenue

New Louisiana Café

613 Selby Avenue

The Grandview Grill

1818 Grand Avenue

Old Man River Café

327 W 7th Street

Buffet King

2435 W 7th Street

Mickey's Diner

1950 W 7th Street

Margaritas Res.

1155 Montreal

Brewery Café

945 W 7th Street

Skinners Pub

919 Randolph Avenue


2162 University

Bonnies Café

2160 University Avenue

R. Stones

2388 University Avenue

Artists Grind

2399 University Avenue W


2260 Como Avenue

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