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May 19, 2004

In your face

I don't think I've ever been so nervous watching an NBA game. When Christie (man he bugs me) hit that three pointer with 16.8 seconds left I just about threw up. But the T-Wolves won. I am relieved, ecstatic, drained, pumped-up, and tired all at the same time. So, let's take care of the obvious points. Boy did Madsen stink it up tonight. Flip gave him his chance in the first half, but he simply could not hold on to anything thrown his way. Hoiberg had zero points so my comment about Hoiberg and Madsen on the floor at the same time being "magical" ... let's just pretend I didn't say that. Hopefully Madsen can play a little better against his former team. And if I could have reached through the TV to choke Sprewell I would have. How many turnovers did he have because of careless passing? 3? 4? He's got to be a little more careful with the ball. Finally, Sam's performance was way more than I expected. garnett7.jpg His two free throws at the end to put the Wolves up by three were probably the two most clutch free throws in Wolves history. For that I thank him.

Now for the obvious. KG is the MVP for a reason, and tonight he proved it: 32 points, 21 rebounds, 5 blocks; 14 points in the fourth quarter alone. And another thing, why does he still need to prove he is the MVP? I am so sick of hearing that KG is somehow unworthy because he won't take the big shot or that he disappears in the fourth quarter. Can we finally put those tired comments to rest? I don't know how many of you read ESPN.com, but they were really dumping on KG today. Look at what Dan Shanoff wrote in his "Daily Quickie" piece today:

For future reference: That's the ongoing historical theme of the NBA playoffs; teams have to be KO'ed -- usually brutally -- before they learn what it takes to win.

Pay attention, Kevin Garnett: For future reference.

Hey Shanoff, for future reference you are an idiot.

Eric Neel also picked Webber and the Kings to win only because he didn't want Webber to lose, and the Boston Sports Guy, aka Bill Simmons, pretty much slobbered all over himself trying to say negative things about KG and the Wolves.

"I can't shake the feeling that I was right about KG, that he's the 'Greatest Second Banana of All Time.' He's terrific, absolutely. He just can't singlehandedly rip out a team's heart like MJ or Kobe. And that's what you need in a Game 7. If it's close near the end, they'll be feeding Cassell or Spree."

First of all, Simmons, you are rarely right about anything. I can understand that being from Boston you think you know everything, but obviously you'd be wrong. In this case you are horribly wrong: 32 points, 21 rebounds and 14 points in the fourth. If Simmons is writing about anything besides sports I usually think he is very funny and spot on. His running commentary of the movie Hoosiers is a classic. But if he is writing anything about any sport, college or professional, his Boston bias and his inexplicable derision of Minnesota sports franchises is usually too much for me. I'll never forgive him for suggesting the Twins should be contracted, or that the Twins and the Expos should be moved to Las Vegas to create some kind of "uber team." Hey! I think I figured out where my hatred of the Red Sox comes from!

To top it off, Simmons, in the same article above, suggested that KG should not have backed down after AP hit him in the jaw. In his infinite wisdom he writes:

Still, I'm going with the Kings. I just think the Wolves have too much pressure on them. Hope I'm wrong -- I like KG. Even if he let down his boys in Chicago for life by taking two steps back from AP.

First of all KG is from South Carolina, you moron, and more importantly what exactly would you have had KG do? Most people praise KG for holding back and actually making sure he plays in game seven, but would you have him risk all of that to protect his "street cred?" Of course you would:

"All he needed to do was either A) give him the old two-handed shove, or B) grab him by the neck like MJ did to Reggie Miller that time. Neither of those things would have gotten him kicked out of Game 7. But by taking two steps back and standing there he basically backed down. And your best player can't back down."

This comment is too stupid to even be worthy of print. KG obviously did the right thing: he stuck it to the Kings in game seven and is now on his way to the conference finals. Simmons would have preferred KG risk it all to stand up to a role player trying to goad him into a fight! Sheesh! I know some of you really like Bill Simmons, but how can any of these comments be justified? At the very least he gives me material to get angry about, so I guess I could thank him for that. I would rather he just shut up and start showing KG and the Wolves some respect for once.

Anyway, I'm thrilled the Wolves won. What a fantastic game. Of course, no one is giving them any chance versus the Lakers, but it should be a good series. Can't wait for Friday!

Posted by snackeru at May 19, 2004 11:28 PM


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