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May 24, 2004

Random weekend thoughts

I think we all know what was on my mind this weekend: The T-Wolves/Lakers series. What a great game last night. When Sam left the game I think the world thought the Wolves would just fold, but fortunately that was not to be. The Wolves not only beat the Lakers, but they crushed the Lakers, making it look easy in the process. What was the secret? First of all they played physical. Sprewell led the charge in that category by consistently picking up his man for full court defense after the ball was inbounded on made shots. The Wolves as a team got in the Lakers "grill" and didn't let up. That is why there were so many technicals at the end of the game (and an ejection of Karl Malone). The Lakers were just sick of it. What a bunch of pansies. Secondly, the Wolves got to the foul line. The magic number for the Wolves seems to be 20 free throw attempts. If they get to that number (or close to it: they got to 19 last night) they seem to have their best shot of winning the game. Next we have the play of KG. KG scored 24 points and had 11 rebounds. A solid effort from him throughout the game and a very good effort from him to close out the game in the fourth. And of course the Wolves bench contributed big time. Darrick Martin with 16 points? Are you kidding me? Wally is playing some good ball too, although I wish he would shoot more and dribble less. Finally, the quartet of Johnson, Madsen, Miller, and Olowakandi shut the Diesel down. I think we found out last night that Kobe can torch the Wolves (27 last night), but if Shaq is taken out of the game the Lakers don't stand a chance. Shaq is without a doubt the MVP of that team and we should see a bigger contribution from him on Tuesday. At least I think the Lakers will try to get him more involved.

Next we have the semi-weekly update from the Sports Huddle with Sid and Dave. Yesterday as I was driving home from church Sid received phone calls from both Dean Johnson, Senate Majority leader, and Steve Sviggum, Speaker of the House, concerning stadium issues. First of all, it sounded like there will most definitely be a special session called. Right now the two chambers are mapping out the agenda of the session. Secondly, both leaders said they think a stadium bill will be part of the mix. Although they both hedged a little bit, I think the fact that they both called Sid on Sunday speaks volumes regarding the chances of the stadium bill being considered in the special session. Of course, Sid gave both of the them a hard time which I really appreciated. Anyway, I'm feeling good about the chances for a new Twins stadium today.

Lastly, and this is totally off topic, I was thinking about my family this weekend and where we have come since the first Nackerud "got off the boat" in 1903. Needless to say, my family has come a long way. I'm sure yours has too. When you think about it, the people we have to thank for this are the people that decided to take a chance so long ago. In my case, Andrew Pedersen Nackerud decided in 1903 to leave everything behind in Norway for the chance of a better life in the unknown of America. That was huge! Can you imagine packing everything up, leaving your family and home, and moving to a foreign country knowing that you would never return? You may be wondering what my point is. It is this: somewhere in all of our pasts is someone who decided to take a chance, a huge risk actually, and try for something better. We all have the blood of adventure running through our veins. Somewhere deep down inside of all of us Americans is this drive, this willingness to sacrifice and work hard and take a chance. Is there any wonder why America is so great or why we are so successful? So take a moment today to think about your own family history and that person, or group of people, that made the decision to come to America. For me it is a little humbling and awesome to think that this spirit of adventure still lives somewhere in me.

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