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May 27, 2004

Happy Day

Introducing a new family
Last Thursday something wonderful happened on my wife's side of the family. Her brother Dan and his wife Kris came back from China with their new daughter, Maya Lan. Words cannot describe how excited we all are for Dan and Kris. I'm not one to get overly mushy, but let's just say there was some dust in the air that made my eyes water when they got off the plane. After trying to get pregnant for at least two years they decided to open their home to a baby from China. That process took well over a year from start to finish, not to mention a three week stay in China. And now Maya Lan is home. I'm serious when I say it pained me that Dan didn't have any kids. My own kids just love him and practically worship the ground he walks on. To see him so happy and relieved is a gift unto itself and I can't express enough how happy I am for him. Anyway, I'm just thrilled for them and I wanted to share it.

watch.jpg Plus they gave me this cool watch with a waving Mao. Rock on!

Posted by snackeru at May 27, 2004 7:35 AM | Family


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