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June 15, 2004

Will Christmas come early this year?

red.jpgIt is hard work being a fan of Minnesota sports teams. Pain? We've got our fair share of that. Suffering? Plenty of that too. Minnesota's sports history is littered with sob stories from the Lakers and the North Stars leaving town, to contraction attempts on our beloved Twins, to seven first round defeats in a row for the T-Wolves, to January 17, 1998 and the overtime defeat of the Vikings in the NFC championship game. My eyes are watering just thinking about all of this. Another black mark, though, on our illustrious sports history is the day Red McCombs bought the Vikings. I swear, it wasn't a minute after he officially bought the team that the double-speak and "shifty talking" began. One reporter asked, "Will you move the team to San Antonio?" Red answered in his Texan drawl, "The Vikings belong in Minnesota." Translation: "The Vikings belong in Minnesota, but if I don't get a new stadium then I'll have to move them to a city that wants them."

One of the the only good things that came out of the Twins contraction mess of a couple of years ago was that it showed Minnesotans, especially Minnesota judges, are pretty strict about lease agreements. Thanks to that and the infamous "Rozelle letter" Red has found out that the Vikings are stuck in the Metrodome until 2011. Even Tagliabue has gotten in on the act of thwarting Red's attempts to move. What is a poor billionaire to do?

SELL! Once again VikingUpdate is spreading the rumor that a sale of the Vikings to Glen Taylor is in the works. They've been saying this literally for years, but you know what? This time I believe them. There is no way Red will get any kind of stadium legislation passed this year, even if a special session is actually called. Red, as much as I hate to admit it, is no dummy. He knows when to walk away, and he knows when to run. It is time to run. I bet Glen will put $500 million on the table this time, and Red will jump at the chance to make a tidy little profit.

I feel it. This time the rumors are true. Skol Vikings!

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