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July 2, 2004

Thoughts rattling around

  • I went to the Twins game yesterday and saw first hand the anemic bats in the Twins lineup. I know it is not time to panic yet, but the Twins did not have the same intensity as the White Sox and basically just let the Sox walk all over them. Having Stewart out of the lineup really, really hurts, but no one in the Twins lineup is getting the job done. I mean, if anyone gets on base, the Twins simply cannot hit that person home. The futility is shocking. It reminds me of the movie Tommy Boy when Tommy describes to Helen why he sucks at sales. This is how I imagine Doug Mientkiewicz describing his at bats right now:
    "[L]et me tell you why I suck as a [hitter]. Lets say I go into [batter's box] and lets say [there is a man on base and I have a chance at getting an RBI]. Well then I get all excited, I'm like JoJo, the idiot circus boy with a pretty new pet. The pet is my possible [RBI]. Oh, my pretty little pet, I love you. So, I stroke it, and I pet it, and I massage it. Hehe, I love it, I love my little naughty pet, you're naughty! And then I take my naughty pet and I go ([hits into a double play]) chhhhhhhh, chhhhhhhhh, OOOOHHHHHHH. I KILLED IT! I KILLED MY [RBI]! That's when I blow it."

  • While at the Metrodome I thought about if and when they'll tear the place down. I'm sure they'll sell parts of the place like the seats or the turf to collectors and such. Then I though what in the world are they going to do with the urinal troughs in the men's restrooms? Are they going to sell those? Can you imagine setting one of those beasts up in your home's bathroom? Now that would be a conversation piece. The only problem would be that every time I walked into my bathroom at home I would suddenly lose the urge to urinate all together. Standing at a trough at the Metrodome is way too much pressure for me. I swear I can only drink about a half a cup of Coke while I'm watching a game because of my fear of the trough.
  • Did anyone see Cristian Guzman's three run homer on Wednesday night? That guy has some really surprising power. I've watched him blast home runs in BP and I've always wondered why he doesn't do it more in games. His swing looks so effortless and lazy, but when he connects the ball just rockets to the stands. Hopefully we'll see more of this power as the season progresses.
  • Football in Minnesota will be really good this season, and I'm not just talking about the Vikings. This is the year for the Gophers. The Golden Gophers will be very, very good this year. I personally think they have a real shot at the Rose Bowl, but unfortunately they play at Michigan, at Michigan State, and at Wisconsin this year. Ouch. Truthfully I will consider the season a success if the only thing they did was beat Michigan. To get the "Little Brown Jug" back would be amazing. Keep October 9th marked on your calendar. That is when they go to Ann Arbor, and it is also when we'll find out if they are for real.
  • It was nice to see Latrell Sprewell decide to come back to the T-Wolves. I was also surprised to see that he would be interested in a three year deal that would probably result in him retiring as a Wolf. And its a shame that Sid is reporting that the Szczerbiak trade rumors are just that, rumors. Having a backcourt of Ray Allen, Sprewell, and Cassell would be slick.
  • Did anyone listen to Sports Tonight with Mike Max last night? He was talking about the stadium issue and how it relates to the gay marriage issue. From what I could glean in the short time I listened is legislators are hesitant to call a special session because they don't want to touch the gay marriage issue. Obviously this affects the stadium issue since they would probably attempt to solve that also during a special session. Again, this is another example of our legislature shying away from anything that might cost them their jobs. Man, they all need to get a backbone. If you can't make tough decisions then you should have never run for the legislature in the first place. Get a backbone and take a stand for what you believe in. Sheesh.

    That's all I got for now. See you soon!

    Posted by snackeru at July 2, 2004 9:00 AM | Sports | Twins


    You should be happy that Wally is not leaving for Allen. Having been a big time Allen supporter for a long time in Milwaukee, my tune has changed. Here's why: he is not a good teammate. He cannot handle a role other than superstar, and definately could not be option #4 potentially on the Wolves. If he came here, he'd say all the right things to start, but during the season you would see him sulk and claim that he could not get into a rhythm with so few shots. He would complain like Shaq does. In Milwaukee, he could not get along with Robinson, Karl and Cassell. It was a total bickerfest. Think he and Cassell could get along in MN? No way. Keep Wally for team chemistry sake or get someone else for Wally, but not Allen. He's a cancer waiting to explode.

    I agree that the Gophers have an excellent chance of making the Rose Bowl. The running game is 2nd to none in the Big Ten. It will all boil down to their new QB. They had better get off to a good start, cause a loss is on the books when they visit Camp Randall on 11/6.

    Posted by: Cheesehead Craig at July 2, 2004 11:34 AM

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