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July 16, 2004

What is in my CD player

I'm sick of stadiums, and the Twins (although I'm thrilled they've called up Morneau), and the Vikings season is too far away. So, let's talk about music. Today's post about music centers around what is in my CD player right now. And yes, this music is in my CD player right now, playing as I type. Don't care? Then go away.

This is a mix CD I've made from some of the MP3s on my home computer. It is random and demonstrates, to me at least, the variety of music I enjoy.

  1. Bitter Sweet Symphony -- The Verve
    I love this song. Very interesting lyrics too. I haven't really tried to figure out what they mean to me yet. A simple, uplifting song.
  2. Kiss Off -- Violent Femmes
    I never liked the Femmes in high school, but this song just screams teenage angst. I love the instrumentation too. All acoustic and yet it still rocks. Anyway, even though I didn't listen to them much in high school, it still reminds me of that time.
  3. Loser -- Beck
    Another frustrated teenager song. This song is just plain goofy with a good beat and very interesting lyrics. Makes me feel like a Norwegian gangsta.
  4. Don't Think Twice -- Bob Dylan
    This song is very soothing and it features some of Dylan's better singing. A pure folk song with a nice twang. I enjoy it very much.
  5. You and I Both -- Jason Mraz
    Some of Mraz's work is a little cliched, but there is no doubt he is a good song writer. This is his best song, period. His voice is another instrument and he sings the lyrics flawlessly. I would love to get a live version of this tune.
  6. Watching the Wheels -- John Lennon
    I've always liked this song. Makes me a little sad to think how Lennon's life was cut short just as he was beginning to "figure it all out." Anyway, probably my favorite song from his solo years.
  7. Champange Supernova -- Oasis
    One of their two best songs. And where have they been lately? After What's the Story Morning Glory they kind of just fell of the face of the Earth. Or maybe that's just my impression.
  8. Everybody Hurts -- REM
    This song really speaks to me for some reason. Haunting, melodic, and thoughtful. It is simply beautiful.
  9. Reptilia -- The Strokes
    Plain and simple this song has good music and a good beat. It also reminds me of music from the 70s. That's about it.
  10. Wonderwall -- Oasis
    The other great Oasis song. This is another one of those songs that you just know is good. I played it for my son once, and he knew immediately he liked it. You know those kinds of songs, right? They are just good.
  11. Spirit of Radio -- Rush
    This song just plain rocks. I have to crank this song up whenever it comes on and a big smile spreads across my face. Some Foreigner songs have the same effect on me. I know, weird.
  12. Pictures of You [extended version] -- The Cure
    This song has the "British" sound that I really love. You know that sound, right? "Clocks" by Coldplay also features it. I'd almost describe it as intelligent pop. It has that certain sound that your mind immediately enjoys, but it isn't sugary or sappy. And you gotta have the extended version.
  13. Good Souls -- Star Sailor
    I've got to study this song a little more. I don't even know what it is talking about, but I think it is powerful. If anyone knows what the theme of this song is let me know.
  14. Nightswimming -- REM
    This song has a special place in my heart. First of all it's beautiful, but it also makes me think of my wife, who I love very, very much. It is just one of those songs that remind you of all the good stuff in life, good times and good memories.
  15. Inbetween Days -- The Cure
    The Cure were gifted at writing pop songs. That is not the "gothic" reputation they have, but they have written some of the best love songs of the 80s. I'm not sure if this is a love song or not, actually, but I like it. It's got a good beat.
  16. Do You Realize -- Flaming Lips
    Really, who doesn't like this song? Absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of my daughter thanks to the line "Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face?" The whole Yoshimi album is great.
  17. Save it for a Rainy Day -- The Jayhawks
    As I get older I start to appreciate these kinds of songs a little more. A little country feel to it, a little twang, and a sound that I would have run from screaming in high school. I like this song for its gentleness. I just feel better when I listen to it.
  18. 12:51 -- The Strokes
    Great song with a constant beat. Very simple chord structures and lyrical composition, yet again there is something about it that I like. Very 70s feel to it and easy to listen to.
That's it. That is what is in my CD player right now. Maybe I'll write about the next album I put in, or maybe I won't.

Posted by snackeru at July 16, 2004 1:59 PM


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