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August 20, 2004

More about Fowler

I recently found this article in the Arizona Republic's website AZCentral:

Foothills man eyes Vikings.

In the article the author tells the story of how Reggie Fowler was called upon to provide some loan money for an Arizona charter school that was in financial trouble. Seemingly without much thought or negotiation Fowler took a chance and provided $10 million to the school. There is much to read into this story. One possible point is that Fowler has a sympathetic heart. He saw a group of people in need and provided them a substantial amount of cash. Secondly, Fowler seems to act quickly and it sounds like he doesn't mind taking chances. He would definitely need to act quickly and take a chance if he bought the Vikings.

I've read that Taylor is willing to talk to Fowler to be a part of the investing group as long as Fowler agrees to keep the team in Minnesota. I am hoping that Taylor can be involved as a minority partner just to keep the wheels off the team. Perhaps with Taylor, Fowler can raise enough money to buy the team and finally take it away from that snake-oil salesman Red. Sheesh! How did we end up with Red McCombs?

Finally, I can take this away from the article above: it sounds like Fowler has a heart and that he loves the game of football. No one with a heart and a healthy respect for the game can possibly want to move the Vikings. I'm beginning to feel a little better.

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