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August 22, 2004

Links of the day

Posted by snackeru at August 22, 2004 9:07 PM | Links of the day


The link for the minimalist web design leads to the pimp costume page (which I agree is quite disturbing). Could you fix this, as I am interested in this subject as well. Thanks.

Curt in Grand Forks

Posted by: Curt Hanson at August 23, 2004 8:34 AM

Sorry, it has been fixed. I just like the lack of graphics and use of pleasant colors to separate content on this guy's design.

Posted by: Shane at August 23, 2004 8:51 AM

Great links today, no sports stuff.
I gotta vote both are bad, the whole glorification of crime that seeps into our culture is disturbing, but the objectification of women exemplified by the pimp/ho costumes is extremely disturbing. Violence and sex rolled into one message. Where is childhood? Where are the adults who are supposed to be protecting the children? We just go from infancy to an extended adolescence that lasts from three until somewhere in one's forties...

Posted by: Rachel at August 23, 2004 3:12 PM

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