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August 31, 2004

The Fair

My family and I went to the fair this weekend and we had a blast. It was by far my best experience at the Fair, and it probably had a lot to do with the weather which was mild and overcast. For those of you that care, here is what I ate:

• Mini-doughnuts
• Fried cheese curds
• Carmel apples
• French fries
• Chocolate malt
• Pork chop on-a-stick
• A frito burrito

Now before you go and think that I am a complete pig, please keep in mind that I have three kids that help ... no beg to help me eat all of this. Of course, that is actually a good thing as they would have had to roll me out if I would have eaten all of this alone.

While at the fair we also took in some of the festivities and sites. You'll note over at Super G I have featured pictures of a couple of the state fair chickens we saw. Honestly, I don't know what it is I like so much about them, but looking at the chickens is one of my favorite things to do at the fair. Go figure. I just think they are amazing. You get a view of chickens in your head from TV and movies, but there are so many beautiful varities. OK, I'm babbling now...

We also saw the 3rd Lair skate show, and the Extreme Team diving show. My kids, especially my middle child, really liked both shows. The skate show featured skate boarding and in-line skating and I was more impressed than I thought I would be. And the dive show, while a little hokey, definitely had me squirming in my seat. I don't know how anyone can climb so high and then jump. I could barely watch.

Both shows also aggravated me. I'll tell you why. In their attempts to get the crowds to cheer louder, both shows constantly used the old "We can't hear you" method to get us to yell and scream. You know what I am talking about:

Announcer: Do you want to see some diving?!?!
Crowd: Yaaaaay! Woooo! Yes! We would like to see some diving, thanks for asking!
Announcer: Oh, come on! I could barely even hear you. Now, do you want to see some diving?!?!?!?
Crowd: YEEEESSSS!!! Please dive for us! Woooo!!!! We are being louder!!
Announcer: I still can't hear you! I swear, we will just pack up and leave if we don't hear some REAL cheers this time! One more time, DO YOU WANT TO SEE SOME DIVING!?!?!?!?

You get the picture. I have come to a point in my life where I find this tactic to be extremely annoying. I might do it once a show, but both the skate show and the dive show went through this cycle at least three times. I just had to stop cheering. That's right, I came to a point where I would risk not "seeing some diving" because I refused to play their little game anymore! So, if any would be announcers are out there reading this please spare your crowds this method of forcing cheers. We can probably handle it once, but three times is a little excessive.

After the dive show we went on the river rapids ride and all got soaked. I think I got soaked the most, but I could be wrong. But that was OK beacause we left right after that. All in all, it was a great day at the Fair.

Posted by snackeru at August 31, 2004 8:53 AM | Life


Shane, you obviously never have performed in front of a crowd. I would think being an amateur athlete in your youth you could sympathize. There is nothing more painful than performing for a bunch of lumps who aren't clapping or cheering for your FREE performance. I don't know what the state fair paid that guy to get up on an 80 foot ladder in a Speedo in 65 degree weather, but it wasn't enough. Or the little ten year old who probably goes on a circuit of performances to risk his bones jumping in the air on a skateboard in a way that makes me question if he and I have similar genetic makeup. That kid has probably perfomed in other venues in the midwest, maybe even for Texans. Without the announcers' goading of the crowd, the performers may have called 911 to check out the seemingly comatose crowd.
Now, in your defense, it is the nature of some people to cheer, and some to sit on their hands and be inwardly entertained. The latter inhibit the former, who are less likely to unleash their inner Whoop by the likes of you. So they should have cheering sections: Fuddy duddies in the back, bubbly blabbers in the front, so the performers can see a full house and hear the applause of those who show their appreciation out loud.

Posted by: Wife of Cheesehead at August 31, 2004 1:43 PM

OK now that I have that out of my system, you wrote a wonderful piece about the state fair experience, and I appreciate that. I laughed out loud on the first reading and this was probably my second favorite entry. Nothing beats the "poop" entry. You should do standup.
I'd clap for you !!!!

Posted by: Irate Rackel at August 31, 2004 1:46 PM

Thanks Rachel. You have a good point. All the Norwegian Lutherans at the Fair probably need to be coaxed into cheering more often than the rest of the country. All the more reason why I don't like it I guess (I am a Norwegian Lutheran). Anyway, I appreciate your kind words!

Posted by: Shane at August 31, 2004 1:53 PM

Shane your comment on sharing your food is a flat out LIE! You have never shared a morsel of food in all you life with anyone and especially your kids. Your big butt DID eat all that food and you forgot you ate half of my strawberry sundae and HUGE amount of my french fries. And you forgot to mention that you wouldn't let any of us buy anything to eat anything without your approval. I imagine this was because you wanted to mooch off of us!! And Rachel can verify this! Rachel?...

Posted by: molly at August 31, 2004 2:18 PM

Opps I recant, you did share your apples and carmel. Sorry- But I do remember you saying that you thought the carmel was gross. Could that be why?

Posted by: molly at August 31, 2004 2:22 PM

That is outrageous!!! I bought three bags of mini-doughnuts and three orders of cheese curds!!! Do you think I can eat three bags of mini-doughnuts and three orders of fried cheese curds?!?!?!? And I shared my chocolate malt with you, and we both ate the french fries. So, your comment "Your big butt DID eat all that food" is nothing but a big fat untruth. I will admit that I ate all the pork chop. Ask Alex about sharing the carmel apples with him!

Posted by: Shane at August 31, 2004 2:24 PM

Do you think perhaps you ate ONE bag of mini donuts and ONE bag of fried cheese curds? You didn't mention in your blog that you bought THREE orders of each of these. And please comment on your willingness to allow the rest of us eat something you thought might be less than satisfing to your taste buds.

Posted by: molly at August 31, 2004 2:31 PM

I think I outate you Shane, I had: cheesecurds, mini-donuts, a foot long hot dog, the pork chop on a stick, a turkey leg, and some of Molly's fries. It's close, but I believe that the foot long dog beats the frito burrito.

Posted by: Cheesehead Craig at August 31, 2004 2:34 PM

OK, here's what I remember...
Shane did share his cheesecurds with the kids, even with my son Adam. That was noble. I also remember him eating a fair share of Molly's Strawberry Sundae. He also generously and foolishly bought each of his offspring milkshakes from the Empire Commons stand (the best at the fair), at least two of his kids couldn't finish theirs and neither could Shane. So my verdict is that there was sharing but not as much as Tubby McNackerud would have you think, gentle reader. Also, it was humiliating to watch Molly beg for a buck to feed herself and their kids at the fair because power crazed Shane would not give her an eating allowance. The sentence is that we should get babysitters and all go back to the fair and try sharing and being generous with eachother until we get it right.

Posted by: the Judge at August 31, 2004 3:19 PM

First of all, Craig, there is no doubt you out ate me. I don't even question that. You have a stomach of steel. Secondly, the only instance of me putting my foot down on more food, Molly, is in the morning after we had already eaten bags of mini-doughnuts and the elephant ears. After we ate all of that I wanted to get moving to the big slide, but you wanted us all to wait some more so you could get some scones. Other than that, you had like $40 in your pocket most of the day, so don't say you didn't get all the food you wanted or that you didn't have any money. You ate so much you went on a "diet" the next day! By the way, how is your diet going? So, make me into a bad guy all you want. I am satisfied with how things went, and how much everyone got to eat.

Tubby McNackerud? Tubby McNackerud!?!?!?!? I'm speechless. My nice little post has brought out the worst in some of my readers, I see.

Posted by: Shane at August 31, 2004 3:54 PM

Kettle, don't you underweigh me by like forty pounds?
I probably out ate-both you and Molly at the fair.

I was totally joking with the moniker Tubby, anyone who knows you (almost everyone who reads your blog) knows you are a beanpole.

Posted by: Pot at August 31, 2004 5:04 PM

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