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September 11, 2004

The year of the Vikings begins

Last year was a particularly painful year for Vikings fans. I was just thinking about the Cardinals game and what I wrote about it on my old blog. I thought it was interesting since I still have some of the same feelings, the Vikings did in fact sign a shut down corner, and I still have my one wish for Mike Tice. Here is the post in its entirety, from January 5, 2004:

Well, I think it's about time to comment on my beloved Vikings. About a week ago, when they played what is being referred to as the "Disaster in the Desert," I was so shocked I actually accepted what was happening. Onside kick? Of course the Cardinals are going to recover it! Was there any question? A pass interference penalty on Denard "Someone please cut me!" Walker? Saw that one coming a mile away. A last second touchdown that simultaneously knocks the Vikings out of the playoffs and puts the hated Packers in, while Lambeau Field watches on the JumboTron? A last second touchdown that for some reason the Vikings couldn't cover even through they knew the Cardinals would have to throw for a touchdown? Was there any doubt? After the initial shock of it, didn't you just kind of chuckle? The Vikings have done it again, I said to myself. At least they won't break my heart on my birthday this year (Jan. 17).

What to do? How does Tice fix this mess? Perhaps it isn't really as bad as it seems. The Vikings will have about $20 million to play with in salary cap and if they don't throw it at a decent cornerback I will either have to write Tice a nasty letter, or I will just do what I normally do and gripe about it. I have griped about the need for a decent cornerback for years now, ever since Wasswa Serwanga put on his jock strap for the hapless Vikings. I realize the "big dogs have to eat" as Willie Shaw used to say, but the Cardinals (the Cardinals!) picked the Vikings apart during the last quarter of the game. And as I alluded to above, Denard Walker isn't the answer.

Why do I torture myself like this, my wife asked after the game. It's a good question, and particularly pertinent for a Vikings fan (and probably a Bills fan, too). All I have to say is when the Vikings win the Super Bowl I will be able to say, I was always there. Through thick and thin I was there cheering the team on. It will be sweet. I'll probably shed a tear. I will walk out of my house, or whatever establishment I'm in, and I will shout the most joyous cheer. Then I'll race around my house like a lunatic screaming the whole way. My best buddy Curt will probably be with me, and we will act as giddy as little school girls. We will get in my car and find anyone to celebrate with, and we will dance in the street as if there was no one looking, crazy and unabashed. Over and over again we will be pinching ourselves, asking each other, "Is this real? Have the Vikings really won it all?" And the answer will be YES! YES! Before I die, this is my dream. All I ask is that the Vikings win one Super Bowl. Mike Tice, can you grant me this wish?

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