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September 20, 2004

Tonight is the night!

Oh boy, who isn't excited about tonight? First we have the Twins game with the possibility of them clinching on the hated White Sox's own turf ... Sheesh! It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. Then we have the Vikings making their return to Monday Night Football ... Man! Owens vs. Moss and Culpepper vs. McNabb. My family had better know that the big TV is mine tonight! I may have to get home early and camp out in front of it with a clicker in each hand. Of course the dilemma is if the Twins clinch tonight, when will it exactly happen? I'm hoping for half time, but that probably isn't likely. So, I may have to make use of my picture in picture capabilities, or tape the Twins celebration with my DVR. Is there anything better than watching the celebration of your favorite team after they have won something? I swear it just doesn't get any better.

Did anyone see the FSN-Sporting News breakdown of the Vikings-Eagles game tonight? According to Viking Update:

The Sporting News on-line preview for the Vikings-Eagles game gives check marks for everything from positions to coaching and, of the 11 categories listed, gave the Eagles the edge in nine of the 11 -- only giving the Vikes the edge at QB and wide receiver. Eight of their "experts" all picked the Eagles to win the game. Why they give the Eagles the edge at offensive line remains a mystery, but that's irrelevant. With such domination one would expect a blowout. Their official score prediction? Eagles win 38-35. With such a disparity, one would think 38-7 would be more accurate.

Interesting. I'm under the impression that the Vikings offense line is much bigger than the Eagles. Perhaps they give the edge to the Eagles O-line because of how pathetic our D-line played last week? Who knows. Nonetheless, I can only hope that the score will be this close. The Vikings are already ranked last in pass defense in the NFL which must have McNabb and Owens licking their chops. However, if Onterrio Smith can rush for 100-150 yards, and the O-line can protect Culpepper, it should open things wide open for Moss/Burleson/Campbell/Robinson. This is just a great early test of the Vikings as a Super Bowl contender. A close loss wouldn't worry me too much, but a blow out would have me rethinking the Vikings place amongst the NFL elite.

Time for my bold prediction for tonight. Everyone is talking about how the Vikings should be able to run against the Eagles. With the focus on Onterrio Smith and our running game I expect the Eagles secondary will be very active in trying to help shut Smith down. So, I'm predicting it will be the right time for a little flea-flicker action. That would be sweet.

Make sure you fill out ESPN's Sports Nation poll on the game tonight. Interesting results so far. It seems people think the Eagles and Vikings are neck and neck right now in terms of who they think will win.

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