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October 12, 2004

More about stadium impact

Sure enough, I say I won't write about sports and the first thing I do is write about sports. I try to escape the grip of sports and they keep sucking me back in! The thing is, if I see anything about stadiums I have to comment on it. I just have to. Mr. Cheer or Die has written a wonderful piece on his new blog discussing his take on the economic impact of stadiums on a community. He is pro-stadium, specifically pro-Viking stadium, and he writes a very thoughtful piece arguing for a private/public partnership when building new stadium facilities. More than anything, though, his post does a great job of highlighting the massive hole that would be left without an NFL team in our community. I would love to see the sources he used to write the article as he does a wonderful job of just bombarding the reader with all sorts of statistics and areas where the Vikings make a huge impact on our community. So often the anti-stadium crowd focus on the stadium disctrict itself as the only measure of economic impact, but Mr. Cheer or Die points out that the Vikings and other NFL teams have a very positive impact on the whole area, and state for that matter. It has convinced me without a shadow of a doubt that if the Vikings were ever forced to move due to lack of stadium construction, we would be wooing another NFL team to the area within five years due to the massive hole left by the team. Anyway, read his piece if you are interested.

Posted by snackeru at October 12, 2004 8:49 AM | Stadiums


Whether or not this is related, I will post this here. As a Twins fan, I hate to see the Vikings overtake the local nine in popularity in this state, but if it is a fact I can live with it. I also have no problem with the Vikes getting a new stadium as long as the Twins also get a cut of the new stadium pie. What I have found interesting in the last few days is that Terry Ryan has made every effort to explain in print or over the airwaves, that the Twins payroll for next year is directly related to this year's attendance. We all now that the Twins attendance was flat so WE are to blame for Koskie, Guzman and/or Rivas, Jones having to
leave. I will shoulder some blame for this since I have previously stated here that I only go to 2-3 Twins games a year since I can't stand the dome. My friends also were amazed that I didn't have any playoff tickets. I told them that if the Twins were in downtown St. Paul, I would have been at games 3 and 4. My point being is that I already think Terry Ryan is setting up the situation where he can argue that the Twins could retain more players if they had a new ballpark and attendance was up.

Posted by: Jim in St. Paul at October 12, 2004 2:56 PM

Jim-- If you are right, I am actually relieved. I was under the impression that the Twins were going to sit back this legislative session and not really make any waves. Maybe this is a part of their new approach? Just subtly hinting at their need for a new stadium? Regardless, I think you are right, although I also think the anti-stadium crowd will use the flat attendance as yet another reason why the state should never help pay for a stadium. Will this ever end?

And yes, I agree the Twins deserve a stadium before the Vikings. But in the long run both situations need to be fixed. For now, though, the Metrodome is just fine for them. Sadly it may take either the Twins or Vikings leaving before one of these stadium messes is actually addressed.

Posted by: Shane at October 13, 2004 2:15 PM

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