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December 3, 2004

Clue #4

• Since many of you are visiting primarily to see the clues for what I got my wife for her birthday, I decided to start with that today. Just so all of you know, my wife's birthday is December 11. So, I've got a whole week to give out more clues if no one can figure it out. Yesterday's clue was intentionally easy. Hmmm ... a "ticket to ride?" What could I be talking about? Today's clue is a little more difficult, but like clue #2 it could be enough to unlock the mystery:

    For Christmas last year I got Molly a new coat. I hope she likes what I got her this Christmas. If not there is always next year!

If you think you know what I got her, leave a comment below.

• I got a comment from "Jim in St. Paul" for yesterday's post which I thought was just hilarious. This is for you Jim!

Minnesota needs 3 new stadiums? I'm all ears!
I hereby launch the

Tom Ridge for Governor of Minnesota


While governor of Pennsylvania Tom Ridge figured out how to build 4 new stadiums for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Eagles, and Pitt Panthers. In other words, Tom Ridge is a diplomatic and financial genius. Now that Tom has resigned as directory of the Department of Homeland Security, Minnesota desperately needs his leadership. Please, Tom! Come to Minnesota and lead us to the promised land!

Paid for by the Tom Ridge for Governor of Minnesota Campaign
Jim in St. Paul, Campaign Manager

• Jason Giambi and now Barry Bonds. Barry claims to not have known, but in my opinion you would have to be an idiot not to know what was happening to your body. Barry never hit more than 46 home runs before the age of 35. Then in 2000, with an obviously beefed up body, he hit 49. Then in 2001, at the tender age of 37, Barry cranks out 73. 37 years old. Sigh. I don't care about hand eye coordination or the fact that he was a great player before he started taking steroids, his records are tarnished and I will never accept them. It would be a tragedy if he breaks Hank Aaron's all-time home run record. I hope he realizes that.

The sad thing is, this will probably affect the Twins stadium drive. I just know we'll be hearing about how baseball "needs to get its house in order before we build any new stadium for the Twins" from legislative committees this winter. Thanks Barry.

• This comes on the same day that Charley Walters actually reported some interesting and good stadium news:

Word within state legislative circles is that chances for a new Twins ballpark and University of Minnesota on-campus football stadium have improved and that there will be legitimate consideration for approval during the next session this winter.

OK, usually this would really put some "pep in my step" but I've heard this all before. I desperately want this to be true. But for one thing you've got to take everything Charley Walters says with a grain of salt, and secondly, again, we've heard this all before and as recently as last year. Actions speak louder than words at this point. Oh well, I will keep fighting the good fight.

That's all for now. Keep on guessing what I got my wife for her birthday!

Posted by snackeru at December 3, 2004 9:00 AM | Life


I could put on here what her gift is, I might be inclined to forget if say, Mr. Alexander Hamilton talked with me. Think you could arrainge this Shane?

I disagree on Bonds. Steroids to not make you a career .300 hitter. You make it sound like Bonds never hit homers until recently. His has hit 34 or more HR each year for the last 13 years. That's consistency. Yes, his last 5 years have been great. But other than the 73 HR season, his HR number are comparable to Sosa, Thome, Ramirez and other power hitters. Bonds simply doesn't have the strikeouts that those other hitters have, which is the trademark of power hitters. Bonds has had 1 season of over 100 strikeouts, his first season. You cannot say that about any other power hitter. Since 1990, Barry has had more walks than strikeouts every year. This shows a consistant plate discipline. The obscene intentional walk stuff did not start until 2001.

I will also point out that there has been no physical degredation that accompanies it's long-term use. He had a back issue one season, but that's been it. No hamstring issues that are common, and no other signs.

I will sum up that I feel he is one of the great athletes that we get to witness. Let's not forget, his dad was a very good player, and his godfather, Hank Aaron, is not a shabby ballplayer either. He grew up around and was taught the game by 2 HOF players. I realize I may not be able to convince you. But I look at his 19 years of excellence and steriods is not the reason for it. My rant is done.

Posted by: Cheesehead Craig at December 3, 2004 9:55 AM

I still think it's a trip somewhere sunny where she won't need her coat. And, it's probably not going to happen until sometime next year.

Posted by: Summer in Portland at December 3, 2004 10:52 AM

Everyone, you are not looking at the clues the right way. Why would I be talking about Christmas when it is my wife's birthday? And Craig, I might give you a shiny Abe Lincoln for you to be quiet but that is about it.

And I have no doubt that Barry was a good ball player. But he has tarnished himself, the record books, and the game with lies upon lies. And he keeps lying too. Does he really expect us to believe he didn't know what is going on? I mean, he doesn't trust anybody and revels in telling us so, but we are supposed to believe he blindly trusted his trainer? Scott Miller on CBS.Sportsline.com had the best article about this. You should read it. Let me know what you think.

Barry may be fun to watch, but he has hurt the game. He may have a good eye and phenomenal plate discipline but he lied to us and a grand jury, and his assault on the record books has undoubtedly been aided by ILLEGAL substances. Truly, I don't know how you can defend him. But you do a good job of it!

Posted by: Shane at December 3, 2004 2:30 PM

A shiny Abe Lincoln! Unacceptable! I'm going to start calling you Mr. Pohlad or Mr McCombs for your frugal ways.

As to Barry, please don't use the "he ruined the integrity of the game" garbage. Baseball is the dirtiest and most corrupt sport there is in America. This game lost it's "integrity" back in the early 1900's. The Hall of Fame has numerous players who have openly admitted to cheating, but they are not condemned, just praised by nostalgic writers longing for "the good old days of baseball". This righteous indignation about the Bonds situation by the media is a crock.

Posted by: Cheesehead Craig at December 3, 2004 2:47 PM

I don't get it. So we're supposed to just shrug this off? "Oh those wacky baseball players. There they go cheating again. Gosh darn it, but they sure are crafty!" No. I'll hold the game to a higher standard if you don't mind. And are you seriously comparing throwing a spit ball or stealing signs to taking steroids? There is cheating and then there is Cheating. True there has always been cheating, but altering your body to give yourself a distinct advantage, and then claiming that your records are accurate and praiseworthy ... that is Cheating and despicable. Barry should be ashamed of himself. He had a good thing going and was a very good player without the juice, but he has lost all credibility now. How could it be any other way?

Posted by: Shane at December 3, 2004 3:17 PM

Thanks for the Tom Ridge bit. I should of commented sooner but this time of year I run the Cristmas Tree Lot for my church which has to be one of the best non-paying jobs around.

Posted by: Jim in St. Paul at December 7, 2004 6:59 PM

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