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January 5, 2005


• No sports today, just the ramblings of some of the recent things I have found interesting. Let's start with The Amazing Race. Seriously, I cannot get enough of this show. Last night's episode literally had me screaming and squirming at all the goofy stuff they had to do. Eating the spicy soup, for example. And the way Jonathan treats Victoria is simply stunning. I keep hoping she just decides to leave him, that she just gets up and walks out of the show. My favorite couple is by far Kris and Jon. I have never seen them fight and they always have a good attitude. I found it hilarious in last night's episode when Jon told the chef of the spicy soup, "You may want to tone it down a crack next time."

Anyway, of course all of this makes me want to be a contestant myself although I don't think I could handle it. There are a couple of things I am afraid of that I know they would make me do. I can just imagine coming up on a Roadblock where Phil says, "A Roadblock is a part of the race where teams must choose between two tasks, each with their own pros and cons. In this Roadblock, teams must choose between 'Jump and die' or 'Eat and die.' In 'Jump and die' teams must bungy jump from a 500 foot tall bridge. The bungy cord will be calibrated to their body weight so that they will fall to within an inch of the ground. Of course, the calibration could be wrong sending them hurtling to their deaths at 50 MPH. In 'Eat and Die' teams must pick a number out of a hat and then eat that many African Scary-Poison spiders. African Scary-Poison spiders are hideously ugly and scary, and if not eaten at the ungodly pace of 3 spiders per second they will kill you. So we will provide you with a special spider shovel to help you cram them into your mouth. No number is below 50."

That is what I'm sure would happen to me. Heights and spiders, nothing gets me worked up more. I'm sure they ask you all about this on the application to participate, something like "What scares you the most?" When I fill that out I am going to write "bikinis." I hope that throws them off.

• Recently I joined Netflix thanks to the recommendation of Curt in Grand Forks. What a great service. I am wrapping up a free two week trial where I have received about 7 movies, including The Terminal (4 stars), Chronicles of Riddick (3 stars), Collateral (3 stars), I, Robot (3 stars), Luther (3 stars), Super Size Me (4 stars), and Mona Lisa Smile (grudgingly I give it 3 stars, I am such a sap). You can give a movie up to five stars if you are wondering. Also, movies come very quickly, especially if you live in the Minneapolis area. My first order was on a Wednesday night, and I had my first batch of movies that Friday. I've heard that they will delay delivery if you start ordering too much, but I haven't seen any sign of that yet. And after the two week trial is over it only costs 17.99 a month. Not too shabby. Stay tuned for a new addition to the sidebar of this blog: my rental queue! Netflix provides personal RSS feeds for this purpose. If I can get it to work, I'll put together a little tutorial for other UThinkers who want to give it a try.

• Finally, I have really fallen off on my book reviews. And I've read a whole bunch of books since my last set of reviews. So, in the near future I will have to rectify that. See you soon!

Posted by snackeru at January 5, 2005 8:10 AM | Life


I agree on the Amazing Race, I love that show. Johnathan is an absolute @$$. I cannot believe that Victoria is considering having kids with him, he is an abusive jerk.

Great to hear that you like NetFlix. Thanks for lending me some of the movies you got, oh wait, I didn't get to see any of them. I think we need to talk buddy-boy.

Posted by: Cheesehead Craig at January 5, 2005 10:38 AM

I too recently joined NetFlix. Bye, bye, Blockbuster. I love that the movies are mailed locally. I have about 15-20 movies in my queue. And the fiancee loves it, too.

Posted by: Stick and Ball Guy at January 5, 2005 11:27 AM

Netflix is one of the greatest inventions of all time. I no longer have to visit the video store with cell phone in hand, trying to find a movie my wife and I will like. I've got over 250 movies in the queue! And telling Blockbuster to take a flying leap was great!

Curt in Grand Forks

Posted by: Curt Hanson at January 5, 2005 11:57 AM

You know, Blockbuster has a similar service to Netflix now, and they are only charging $15 a month. I'm sticking with Netflix though. I will never forgive Blockbuster for all the silly late fees they charged me over the years.

Posted by: Shane at January 5, 2005 3:45 PM

I hear you on the punitive late fees.

Posted by: Stick and Ball Guy at January 5, 2005 4:43 PM

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