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January 6, 2005


• First things first, I must send a shout out to Cheesehead Craig and give a link to his new blog Oracle of Cheese. Craig has decided to take the blogging plunge and I welcome him to the family. Of course, I think we all know what the content of Craig's blog will mainly be about. I can just see it now, since I am somewhat an oracle myself, his posts will be something like: "The Packers are in the playoffs, again, and they did so without backing in" ... "Brett Favre is a god, and as such he deserves worship. Have you worshipped Brett Favre today?" ... "The Packers, for the people and owned by the people. We never have to worry about the team moving." ... "Lambeau Field, recently renovated and still the best stadium in the NFL." Sheesh. It must be nice being a Packer fan. Only sunshine, flowers, and birds chirping for cheeseheads.

Seriously though, go visit the Oracle of Cheese. I look forward to what Craig has to say about sports and life in general. Hopefully he will be able to keep it up. And do you see that it says he "powers Blogger"? That is amazing! Already such a blogging bigwig!

• Speaking of whining Viking fans, and believe me we do have reasons to whine, did you all see the article in the Star Trib today, "Vikings? We still love 'em, but it's kinda tough"? Lots of whining in that article. Thats OK, until Red sells I don't think the whining will stop, or even can stop. However, there is a point where whining can become inappropriate, and it is at the point someone says, "The Vikings are so disappointing, I'm not even going to cheer for them anymore. They don't deserve my support."

Bzzzzzz!!! Wrong! With that statement you have given up your right to be a Viking fan now and into the future. Turn in your horns and your Randy Moss jersey, you are no longer welcome within the realm of the brethren. That is something you will never, ever, ever hear me say. Or how about, "The Vikings are losers. I'm not even going to watch the game on Sunday." What???? I can't even fathom missing a game. That borders on treason, and even worse it is "fair weather." No, no, no, no!!! I have been a Vikings fan since I can remember. Fran Tarkenton, Chuck Foreman, Tommy Kramer, Ahmad Rashad ... whenever I get a cold I buy Vick's Formula 44 cough medicine because 44 is Chuck Foreman's number!!!! That is the kind of fans the Vikings deserve. When the Vikings finally win it all, I will be able to say I was there through it all. When the Vikings finally win it all, I will dance around like an idiot and scream into the sky, "Finally! I can die a happy man! Packers suck!!!" That will be a glorious day. So, all you fair-weather fans, all you post 1998 fans, get a clue. I don't mind the whining, but try not to step over the line. To be a true Vikings fan you've got to suffer. That is the way it is. If you don't like it please leave, and don't come back.

Posted by snackeru at January 6, 2005 8:52 AM | Life


Thanks for the plug on the blog. I have posted a new entry and welcome all to read. Granted I am not the Mark Twain-esque writer that Shane is, but I'm trying. I know that Shane has several features on his blog that all love:

Songs for Desert Island
Links of the Day
Whining about the pathetic MN sports teams
His Don Quixote-type battle for a new stadium

I hope to put some of my own original features that hopefully someone will someday read and enjoy. Tune in to see what they will be.

Posted by: Cheesehead Craig at January 6, 2005 9:35 AM

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