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January 18, 2005

Vikings sale rumors

Mr. Cheer or Die writes a great rumor today concerning a potential Vikings sale. It seems a sale to Reggie Fowler is very much a possibility at this point:

Former Vikings punter and current Vikings Game Day sideline reporter Greg Coleman is friends with Arizona entrepreneur Reggie Fowler who has been off and on news in regards to purchasing the Vikings from Red McCombs. Well, Fowler is back on again. Coleman spoke at length with Fowler recently and gets the feeling that a sale is near. No price mentioned, and Coleman is not sure if Taylor would be involved. Fowler wants a family like atmosphere and has zero intention of moving the team. Coleman also said today on KFAN Radio that Fowler wants to move his entire business to Minnesota as well as his family.

In fact, Mr. Cheer or Die says that this very news was reported today on WCCO radio, and this weekend on KFAN, so I think we may see something fairly quickly. Thanks for the great reporting Mr. Cheer or Die!!

This is somewhat similar to the rumors that I've recently heard concerning a sale to Fowler and/or Taylor. Last week on a local sports show featuring Mike Max, Sid Hartman and Dark Star, it was rumored that Glen Taylor was 45 days from purchasing the team and that he was receiving heavy pressure from the NFL to include Fowler in the deal. Both Mike Max and Dark Star energetically backed up this rumor saying that a Taylor/Fowler purchase should almost be expected at this point.

Then, I got this rumor from an anonymous commenter for a post of about a week ago:

Rumor around town is that a deal has been done. Fowler's group owns majority of the team and Glen Taylor has a 10% stake...a stadium deal is also apprarently ready to go...expect news to be released soon!

All of these rumors involving Taylor and Fowler ... I can't help but think there is some major wheeling and dealing going on right now between those two and McCombs.

Keep your fingers crossed. I think we may finally be rid of this Texas-sized nightmare pretty soon.

We've heard this all before, but I think it is real this time.

Posted by snackeru at January 18, 2005 3:39 PM | Sports business | Vikings


It's a good thing that you've been working on writing about topics other than stadiums since there's a possibility that you might be able to retire that topic, eh?

Maybe I'm getting my hopes up....

Posted by: Laurene at January 18, 2005 4:29 PM

Got 2 words for you Shane: Tom Clancy

Posted by: Cheesehead Craig at January 19, 2005 8:46 AM

My money is still on Taylor. I wouldn't be surprised if Fowler made an offer or even bought the team, but I think Taylor has the best shot at it.

Posted by: Shane at January 19, 2005 9:15 AM

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