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January 26, 2005

Is Fowler for real?

This was just sent to me from Curt in Grand Forks. It seems that Chris Mortenson of ESPN is ready to rain our parade:

More on the Vikings possibly being sold: Two sources with intimate knowledge on the status of the franchise say that the latest proclamation by Phoenix businessman Reggie Fowler is all smoke and no fire.

"He's not even a factor," one source said. "The feeling is, he's trying to intimidate Glen Taylor (another bidder) but Taylor doesn't need to be intimidated -- he's done very little to make this happen."

Taylor is the Minnesota Timberwolves owner who has been identified as the most likely buyer at this stage. But a league source said that Taylor has been fooling himself into thinking that he could force McCombs into coming off his original asking price of $600 million.

Now, with the new television contracts coming in, McCombs isn't dropping his price. He may go up, not down. In fact, Taylor has been advised by league officials that he should act soon if he's serious about purchasing the Vikings at the current $600 million level, although there's a business sense that $575 million might get McCombs' attention.

The sources say there has been one meeting each with Taylor and Fowler and that those meetings were relatively brief. Fowler, they say, is not a major player, regardless of the pomp and circumstance.

There also is nothing clandestine happening behind the scenes.

"There are no confidentiality agreements, no exclusive negotiating period, none of that," said a source."

With this and Red raising his price Taylor better get moving quick or we could have a real rough next couple of seasons.

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