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March 19, 2005

Viking snowman

Cheesehead Craig is out-of-town this weekend so, being the good neighbors that we are, my eldest son and I shoveled his driveway. As you can see, we also decided to have a little fun in the form of a Viking snowman parking attendant:


At first, I wanted to put it in front of his garage door, but my son thought CC's wife would be a little upset to have to knock down a snowman before they park their car in the garage. Especially after a long drive. So, we put it at the corner of his driveway. There are a few things to note, of course. First, the snowman is holding a sword, and he has horns sticking out of his head. Second, he is angry. Don't mess with the Viking snowman! Finally, he is huge. Note that he towers over my 10 year old son. It took us quite a while to get the middle piece on the base!

Anyway, I hope Cheesehead likes him. And this isn't half ... (a fourth!) as bad/good as the stuff CC has pulled on me. After one vacation I came home to a "For Sale" sign in front of my yard and 6 messages on my phone from people wanting to buy my house. Sheesh! Now I wish I would have put the snowman in his driveway. I guess my evilness isn't as powerful as the evilness of your average Packer fan.

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