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March 20, 2005


• Well, Cheesehead Craig came home today and as you can see from the picture below, he vanquished the snowman in front of his garage:


He and his son actually had a pretty good time doing it, so that was nice. Of course, he had to destroy the snowman in order to get into his garage. That, I hope, will be only the first of many ways I get him back for all the crap he has pulled on me over the years.

Craig is a good neighbor. How many of you have a neighbor you can truly count on? One that always is ready to lend a hand, or share a frosty beverage with you? That is what I have with Craig and I am thankful for it.

• And if I could digress for a second here ... While my son and I were building the snowman on Craig's driveway there was a woman watching us from within her SUV in the cul-de-sac Craig lives in. Why? I don't know. However, she must have thought I was an idiot because she kept on giving me directions, "Don't build the middle piece as big as the base, now, you'll never be able to lift it!" and "Pack it in good now! You don't want the head to fall off!" After a while it kind of gave me a chuckle. I just wanted to say, "Woman, do you think I have never built a snowman before?" And why was she sitting in the cul-de-sac watching us and giving us directions? After we finished she drove off. Very strange.

• And I'm sure you've already heard this, but it looks like the name of the new Gopher's stadium will be TCF Stadium. It sounds like the University hopes to have this lead investor lined up by Wednesday for the first Senate State and Local Government Operations Committee hearing for the bill. I honestly hope that this bill passes through the committees quickly. The longer it is debated the longer it will be until a Twins bill has a hearing. However, I know better. If a Gopher stadium bill is considered problematic to pass, a Twins stadium is nothing more than an impossibility.

What kills me about this, though, is the fact that the sponsor and author of the House version of the bill is none other than Ron Abrams, who after Phil Krinkie I consider to to be Twins stadium enemy number 2. What a slap in the face! Abrams also had this to say about Gophers football, "[It] is our team. It is the Division I football team in the state. If you're going to be in the business of Division I football, it's almost mandatory to have an on-campus football stadium." Couldn't the same be said about the Twins? The Twins are the only MLB team in the state. The Twins are "our" team as much as the Gophers are. I never attended the U. I won't see any of the profits from a new Gophers stadium. But yet, somehow this is different. Maybe it is time to start looking at community ownership of the Twins again in earnest, I don't know.

Patrick Reusee sums up my feelings nicely as he finally comes out with a strong statement concerning new Twins and Vikings stadiums:

Key members of the Legislature continue to send encouraging signs to the university in its attempt to build an on-campus football stadium. It appears these knotheads really are going to do it -- kick in taxpayers' money for this needless stadium before they do anything to guarantee the future of the NFL and Major League Baseball for this area.

Let's try this once more: The Gophers have a commitment to play in the Metrodome through 2011, as do the Vikings. There is no reason to suspect the Gophers will recruit any better or win any more games playing outdoors. There will be no huge revenue increase playing in a 50,000-seat outdoor stadium.

An on-campus stadium for the Gophers is a luxury. Stadiums soon will be a necessity for the Vikings and the Twins. There has to be an influential person over there in St. Paul who realizes that being in the big leagues matters.

Governor? Speaker? Anyone?

Amen. And again, I'm not asking for a blank check. I'm asking for a solution to a problem. Alas, I'm not sure we have any problem solvers at the state capitol anymore.

Posted by snackeru at March 20, 2005 9:29 PM | Life | Stadiums


The snowmen were hysterical. That was a great joke Shane! I left the angry Viking in the front of the driveway alone, one does not want to disturb an angry Viking snowman with a Lego sword.

Thanks for the kind words Shane, you truly are a great neighbor and friend.

Posted by: Cheesehead Craig at March 21, 2005 8:30 AM

Oh look! A Cheese Wiz has a mini Cheese Wiz!

And he's tormenting it by making it dress in Packers Gear. How cruel!

Posted by: Dianna at March 21, 2005 8:50 AM

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