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April 18, 2005

I'm beat

I went on yet another Cub Scouts camp out this weekend, but without kids this time as this was for leadership training. We camped at Camp Stearns which is about an hour way from the Twin Cities. There were about 80 Webelos leaders there, including three other leaders from my Pack, and we all had a great time. However, as you probably know, it rained nearly all day on Saturday. I can usually handle rain, but when you combine it with cold it really sucks. There is just no two ways about it. And doggone it if shivering for 8 hours doesn't take a lot out of a person. I was very hungry and very tired by the end of the day.

While at the camp I was trained as a BALOO leader. That is Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation training. You have to have at least one BALOO trained leader at a Cub Scout camp out so, needless to say, I could be going on more camp outs! Lucky me...

I learned a lot during this weekend, but there are two things that really stuck out for me. One was the dedication of the people who were running the camp and training. Half of these people didn't even have Cub Scout aged boys anymore and yet they were still out there with us in the rain teaching us how to be better leaders for the boys in our dens. I was overwhelmed with their cheery attitudes and commitment to the Cub Scouts program. And they were all volunteers. It really gave me perspective on how much of my own time I give in volunteer work compared to others. I was deeply impressed.

Secondly, again, their attitudes were great. Here they all were, volunteers, teaching us stuff like first aid, knife safety, cooking outdoors, etc. all in the rain and cold and they were loving it! They were funny, and happy, and confident ... their attitudes pervaded the entire camp. Later on they told us that the attitude the leadership portrays in any camping situation will be picked up by the other campers. In other words, if we as leaders are complaining and grousing about how cold it is, or how hot it is, or how much they want to go home, then that is exactly what the boys on the campout will start to feel like. I know, that should be really obvious, but to see it demonstrated so effectively this weekend was just a wonderful, practical lesson on having a good attitude. I needed that.

So, no, I didn't watch the Twins this weekend. And I wasn't able to do any cat blogging (shoot!). I'll probably be back with more this afternoon.

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