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April 19, 2005

My favorite Twins

While watching the Twins game last night I got to thinking about all my favorite Twins players from the last 30 years. Of course, most of my memories of the Twins come from the early 80s through the present (due to my age of 32). So, here is my list:

  1. Kirby Pucket -- Regardless of his current problems he will always be my favorite. His catch in game six of the 1991 series will forever be my all time favorite memory as a Twins fan.
  2. Roy Smalley -- probably the reason I am a Twins fan. I can't remember the year, but I was at the old Met for bat day and Roy Smalley hit a grand slam. I was in awe.
  3. Kent Hrbek -- His grand slam in the '87 series is hard to top, but lifting Ron Gant off of first base to tag him was hilarious. Do you remember Ron's response? "He should be able to lift me off," Ron said, "He's twice as big as me." What a whining pansy.
  4. Frank Viola -- Ah, Sweet Music Frank Viola, master of the circle change. I didn't even know what a circle change was, but that didn't stop me from trying to throw it in my back yard.
  5. Greg Gagne -- I have always had to defend Gagne to my buddy Curt who seems to think Gagne's glove did not make up for his plate discipline. Pish-posh! Gagne was right, he got no respect here in Minnesota. He deserved better. I'm glad things have been patched up somewhat between us, no thanks to you Curt!

You'll note that Denny "The Tree" Hocking is noticeably absent. Shooter reports today that:

Utility infielder Denny Hocking, 35, is hanging on with the Kansas City Royals' Class AAA Omaha team, where he is hitless in his first five at-bats with two errors.

Good old Denny. I hope he appreciates the gift the Twins gave him for so many years.

Posted by snackeru at April 19, 2005 12:20 PM | Lists


I have apologized several times for my constant taunt of "gag-me" during our college years. After re-interpreting the "Gagne Era" in light of the "Guzman Years," I have developed much better feelings towards him. I also even have an autographed Gagne baseball card!

I knew that the mention of Denny Hocking in today's paper would be noted on your blog today. Your never-ending hatred of all things Denny is rather perplexing. All I will say in response is "Clubhouse Glue"; Denny's contributions behind the scenes went far and above his contributions on the field. Besides, he looked so elegant walking back to the dugout after a called third strike!!

And if any of you see Shane in person, ask him to do his Ron Gant imitation. It is absolutely priceless!

Curt in Grand Forks
President, NoDak Chapter of the Denny Hocking Fan Club

Posted by: Curt Hanson at April 19, 2005 2:37 PM

Sheesh! "Clubhouse glue" !!! I just spit my cold, frosty beverage all over the place! They gave him that job so he could feel useful. The rest of the time he just stood there pondering his worth to the club.

Denny Hocking! Besides the MN legislature he is my favorite whipping boy! Don't take that away from me!

Posted by: Shane at April 19, 2005 3:28 PM

It is amazing to me how Kirby has fell in stature in this state. There were some young guys sitting by me at the opener and they were commenting how in the news clips of Kirby from
Bob Casey's wake it appears he is wearing about a size 56 sport coat. They said the only thing missing was Carrie Fisher in a gold bikini standing next to him (I am not a Star Wars geek but I still got the joke).

Posted by: Jim in St. Paul at April 19, 2005 3:57 PM

Shane, I'm coming over tonight to see your Ron Gant impression, this has got to be good.

My favorite Twin is Lew Ford. How many pro baseball players do you hear about that get together with guys they met on internet while playing RPG's? Priceless.

Posted by: Cheesehead Craig at April 19, 2005 4:02 PM

I think it is healthy to have disdain for a member of any beloved sports team. Heck, I have a bunch of them with the Vikings:

Corbin "I'll cost the team 45-yards in penalities everty game" Lacina.

Chrissy "Pantyhose Head" Hovan

Sean "I'm a legend in my own mind" Salisbury

Rich "I look stupid when I run" Gannon

I'm sure I could think of some more, but then this is a baseball thread. So I'll stop.

Posted by: Brian Maas at April 19, 2005 8:36 PM

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