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May 12, 2005

Holy Cow

UPDATE: Shoot. As David points out in a comment below, this is probably nothing. Oh well, didn't hurt to dream a little.

Oh boy, people. I think Sviggum is trying to pull a fast one. If you haven't heard, the Twins stadium bill was moved to the House Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration. According to a web site I have found:

In the House, the Calendar for the Day is a list of bills the House Rules and Legislative Administration Committee has designated for the full House to vote on.

I think Sviggum is trying to move this bill to the floor for a vote. Someone tell me I'm wrong. Does anyone else have any other idea?

Posted by snackeru at May 12, 2005 8:58 PM | Stadiums


Can't think of another explaination, but that is still a pretty big assumption

Posted by: TwinsJunkie at May 12, 2005 9:01 PM

Actually, it's part of the process. The bill was forwarded pursuant to Joint Rule 2.03, which reads: (apologies for the crud, but it's in the original)

5.26 Rule 2.03. The Legislature shall establish by concurrent
5.27 resolution deadlines for each regular session. The deadlines do
5.28 not apply to the House committees on Capital Investment, Ways
5.29 and Means, Taxes, or Rules and Legislative Administration, nor
5.30 to the Senate committees on Capital Investment, Finance, Taxes,
5.31 or Rules and Administration.
5.32 The first deadline is for committees to act favorably on
5.33 bills in the house of origin.
5.34 The second deadline is for committees to act favorably on
5.35 bills, or companions of bills, that met the first deadline in
5.36 the other house.
6.1 A committee has until the second deadline to act favorably
6.2 on a bill, or the companion of a bill, that by the first
6.3 deadline was referred to a finance committee. The deadline for
6.4 a committee of either house to act on a bill that has been
6.5 recommended favorably by the Legislative Commission on Pensions
6.6 and Retirement is the second committee deadline. The major
6.7 appropriation bills are exempt from the first two deadlines.
6.8 The third deadline is for committees to act favorably on
6.9 major appropriation and finance bills.
6.10 When a committee in either house acts favorably on a bill
6.11 after a deadline established in the concurrent resolution, the
6.12 bill must be referred in the Senate to the Committee on Rules
6.13 and Administration and in the House of Representatives to the
6.14 Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration for
6.15 disposition. Either rules committee, when reporting a bill
6.16 referred to the committee under this rule, may waive application
6.17 of the rule to subsequent actions on that bill by other
6.18 committees.

So basically what happened is that the Local Government committee 'acted favorably' on the bill, but after one of the three deadlines listed in the Rule. Therefore, the bill must go to the Committee on Rules and Administration.

Exactly why this happens, I can't say, but it all looks kosher, and it doesn't seem as though this stop will create any detours through the regular process, which means the two biggest hurdles still lay ahead. The one thing I would expect the CoRaA to do, though, is green-light the bill so that it doesn't have to go back there after every other committee approves it (assuming they do, of course).

Posted by: David Wintheiser at May 12, 2005 10:48 PM

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