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May 17, 2005

Local Government Committee: PASSED!

Just to let you know, the Hennepin County ballpark bill has passed the Local Government Committee! I don't have much time to editorialize right now, but let me say that it appears Lenczewski was strongly convinced by the other members to withold all her amendments and let the bill move on. She agreed, much to the dismay of committee chairman Mark Olson it seems. Before the vote Olson suggested that these amendments will all show up when the House floor debates this bill which will probably lengthen that process. Oh goody. Anyway, this is how the vote broke down:

Anderson- no
Charron- yes
Cornish- no
Garofalo- yes
Hilstrom- yes
Holberg- no
Hornstein- no
Hosch- yes
Lanning- yes
Lenczweski- no
Marquart- yes
Olson- no
Paymar- no
Peterson- yes
Poppe- yes
Samuelson- yes
Scalze- yes
Thao- yes
Wardlow- yes

12-7 in favor of the bill. I was off by three people: Paymar, Samuelson, and Cornish. Once again Paymar "passed" when his first chance to vote came up, saw that the bill would be approved, and then voted no. Seems like a case of "lack of backbone" to me. Samuelson has truthfully blown me away and Cornish ... well, even though he is from Mankato he still found a lot he didn't like with this bill.

I will update the Voter's Guide accordingly. On to the Taxes committee where we will surely see some real fireworks and delay tactics. I can just hear Krinkie licking his chops right now. See you soon.

Posted by snackeru at May 17, 2005 5:59 PM | Stadiums


Thanks for doing this. This is an amazing site for tracking stadium news.

Posted by: Drake33 at May 17, 2005 7:12 PM

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