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June 7, 2005

Bigger fish to fry

• A few things about my favorite topic, Stick and Ball Guy and Frightwig have been having an interesting debate over the stadium issue again (that spilled onto the comments section of this page in yesterday's post). I encourage you to read SBG's post today which, yet again, does a wonderful job of seeing the big picture when it comes to stadium politics. Essentially, SBG builds up to the fact that the current stadium plan is "small potatoes" compared to other tax injustices the American people deal with.

The trouble, as I see it, is that this baseball stadium is easy for people to pick on rather than some of these other injustices, or even rather than getting up off of our fat butts and actually really fighting for education funding, or police funding, or health care. It appears to me that most people limit their moral indignation towards inadequate funding for education and their fight to gain more funding to a battle against a Twins stadium. The argument, "I'm against a Twins stadium because that money should go to education" quite frankly makes me very angry because 1) the two issues are mutually exclusive on a number of levels and 2) no new Twins stadium does not automatically mean more money for education. Truly, I would love it if that actually happened. No, no new Twins stadium means no new stadium and continued inadequate funding for education.

So, taking SBG's post as my inspiration, I would like to suggest that stadium opponents stop focusing on the stadium and start actually focusing on the issues they would like to rectify. Or better yet, stop focusing on the Twins stadium because there are more important issues to focus on. I know the Twins stadium is easy to pick on, but defeating this proposal will not bring your pet issue any closer to your desired solution.

And the irony is not lost on me ... I could have probably cured cancer by now with all the time I have spent fighting for a new Twins stadium. We have a proposal on the table right now where the two parties, Hennepin County and the Twins, are both satisfied. Let's get it done and move on with our lives.

Oh, and one more thing, Carl Pohlad is rich. Get over it.

Posted by snackeru at June 7, 2005 8:57 AM | Stadiums


Maybe people are against the Twins stadium precisely because it is an easier way to limit their own taxes. It's rather hard to effect the state and federal tax code with a letter to one's representative in comparison to the Twins stadium.

The point about Hennepin County and the Twins is taken, however. I've never quite understood why the state has so much sway over this after it got through the county.

Posted by: bjhess at June 7, 2005 11:53 AM

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