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June 17, 2005

Issue 6

Issue 6: What is the Vikings stadium situation?

I will admit that I was very depressed to read this statement in the Strib today concerning Zygi Wilf:

Wilf said he hopes to persuade the Legislature to form a stadium authority in Anoka County to centralize stadium planning. He said he has pledged to pay one-third of the stadium cost, in addition to buying the land for a multi-use development.

Shoot! That is a little bit of a let down. I had heard so many rumors that Zygi would be more willing to pay for the stadium himself. Maybe he has changed his mind? It also appears he has changed his mind on a roofless stadium saying:

Wilf hedged on his previous insistence on building an outdoor stadium, saying he is amenable to "elements of a controlled environment."

Shoot again! I was so looking forward to outdoor football. Maybe Zygi was told in no uncertain terms that if he wants an outdoor stadium, he would have to pay for it himself. I still have hope for this, but it is dwindling fast. Man!

What a rube I am. Obviously I have way too much hope when it comes to all of this stadium nonsense. Truthfully, here is what I really think. I am almost certain that the only way the Vikings will get a stadium is if the Twins leave or are contracted. The fear of God has to be put in the legislature to do anything, and the Twins leaving would definitely put the fear of God in them. It is a high price to pay, but at least we'll still have the Vikings.

Having said that, Zygi has made some very refreshing statements concerning the Vikings long term viabilty in the state of Minnesota including, "If we're stuck in the Metrodome, then we'll be stuck in the Metrodome." How long he keeps singing this tune is anyone's guess, but it is sure nice while it lasts. I just hope he keeps talking like this until LA gets its own football team.

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