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July 13, 2005

Misery and pessimism


I've tried to hold back. I've tried to spare you all from my words of misery and despair. All day long I have held off writing on these fine pages in the hopes that my mood would brighten a little. Well, it hasn't. I am angry. I am bitter. Why is this so hard? Why is building a stupid stadium so freaking hard? Why can 30 other communities figure this out, but we can't?

So, the legislature is finally going to pass a budget and everyone is going to go home. So what. Idiots. Morons. Slimy, bad-breathed, good-for-nothing, stupid, ugly, pea-brained, polyester wearing, pus filled, slack jawed MORONS. Gah! Why do I even waste my time on all of this. Why do I ever put even a shred of faith into this supposed body of my "representatives?"

Pawlenty is showing absolutely NO leadership on this or any other issue for that matter. Mike Opat is suggesting that the Hennepin County Board is losing interest, especially if this carries over into next year. St. Paul is trying to get Target to move onto the plot of land they had designated for the stadium, and Minneapolis will build on the Rapid Park site with or without a stadium. Peachy. Just PEACHY!!!! That means new stadium prices will go up while suitable plots of land decrease. Could someone put me in touch with a Montreal Expos fan? I'd like to know how I should start planning for the inevitable.

Pawlenty is hinting at a special session this fall. Big hairy deal. So my misery will be prolonged. Oh goody. You say Selig was optimistic after talking to Pawlenty about the issue? Pawlenty is the KING of feeding people with the crap they want to hear right before he does absolutely NOTHING. Where is Tom Ridge when we need him?

I am in pain right now. Not even the wonder that is Bret Boone can cheer me up.

Thank goodness I live in such a progressive state! I mean Wisconsin?!?! What a bunch of rubes with their refurbished Lambeau Field and their brand new Miller Park (not to mention their 80,000 seat, newly renovated Camp Randall field). What are they thinking taking care of these assets? Let em rot! Or what about Illinois with their brand new Comiskey Park and renovated Soldier Field? We must be a whole lot smarter than them. Or Michigan with their brand new Ford Field and Comerica Park? That All-Star game (not to mention the upcomng Super Bowl XL) they just had sure demonstrated what a dumb idea it was to invest in their sports teams.

What is the use. We are just way too smart. The atmosphere that made this state great during the 60s and 70s is gone. "Me first." That is the new state motto. What is in it for me? Light rail? I'll never ride it. Tear it down. School referendum? Bah! My kids don't go to school there. Health care? I've got insurance, why should I care about you? Twins stadium? Where is my return on this investment? I don't care if my neighbor, my co-worker, those senior citizens, that construction worker are all Twins fans. I've got my eye on that quarter pounder with cheese at McDonalds so you can take your new Twins stadium and shove it.

Thanks. Thanks for nothing. There is a reason we love living in the state of Minnesota. There was a time when we invested in our community, there was a time when we had something to prove and we worked hard to make Minnesota a great place to live. That attitude is gone. I sincerely hope it comes back before it is too late.

Posted by snackeru at July 13, 2005 7:41 PM | Stadiums


If the Twins come to the table with a fair, cooperative deal that works for both sides next time, maybe we'll have something. But Bell's most recent comments show me that he still doesn't get it. He still thinks he can bully the government into giving the club a lopsided deal. You said yourself, he should just SHUT UP.

Apparently Bell and the Twins representatives are in over their heads when it comes to negotiating a deal of this scope. After a decade, all they can do is keep coming up with one lousy scheme after another and somehow expecting a different result. Doesn't *their* incompetence on this issue make you angry?

If the Twins are willing to cut the public in for a decent share of ballpark revenues and the legislature still balks, then I'll blame the politicians. Until then, I blame the jokers who keep crafting these lame plans in the first place.

Posted by: frightwig at July 13, 2005 9:02 PM

Well, what about the governor? Why didn't he go to the Twins and tell what it would take? Why didn't he get people together and get things done? He's a tool! If he were a leader, he'd be pushing light rail. If he were a leader, he would make sure that the government didn't shut down. He's shown no leadership whatsoever.

Leaders get things done. They get sides together to resolve differences. He can't get his own initiatives passed (Casinos!) and he has no interest in working to solve issues like this stadium. Nice work T-Paw.

Posted by: SBG at July 13, 2005 9:20 PM

Oh, Thursday night at the Maas' is going to be a lively discussion indeed. Maybe too powerful for one podcast! I'll be the pro T-Paw guy in the corner ring wearing purple and yellow shorts....

Posted by: Brian Maas at July 13, 2005 9:53 PM

I told you guys not to read this. It is the incoherent ramblings of a troubled mind...

Posted by: Shane at July 14, 2005 10:15 AM

SBG, I'm not a fan of the governor, either. I didn't vote for him. I won't vote for him next time. But getting the Twins a new stadium *right now* is not the biggest issue on his plate. I don't think it's a primary, pressing issue for the legislature, either. It's an issue because the Twins want to make it so; they need the government to go out of its way to grant them some favors so that the club can increase its profits.

Shouldn't Jerry Bell & Co. be making a better effort to craft a proposal that really appeals to the state? They have the most to gain by sealing a deal. They should bear the most responsibility in forging the compromises to get it done.

Posted by: frightwig at July 18, 2005 5:07 PM

The $500m for the stadium is mostly wages and supplies. Who and where gets that? Minnesota companies w/ Minnesota workers? Any taxes paid on that? Any extra crap sold near the stadium that would make a profit and cause taxes to be paid or another job started? How much $$$ dumped into LRT/Guthrie/Library that almost no one will go to? Any of those projects pay any taxes into the state now or in the future? Hello, Las Vegas Twins.

Posted by: tim at July 21, 2005 8:36 AM

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