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August 1, 2005

Questions for Lester

Mr. Cheer or Die has asked me to supply him with some possible questions for his podcast interview with Lester Bagley in the coming week(s). Here are the questions I would love Mr. Bagley to answer:

1. How much state support does Zygi expect for a new Vikings stadium? (hopefully nothing)

2. Given what he has seen from other NFL teams (Eagles, Patriots, Giants, Cowboys), and considering that the Gophers are privately financing over half of their own stadium, would Zygi also consider privately financing the majority of a new Vikings stadium?

3. Being a developer at heart, is Zygi somewhat excited that he can design a stadium (and some of the surrounding entertainment options) himself, or would he have preferred to come into an environment where a new stadium had already been constructed?

4. Outdoor vs. indoor. Most Vikings fans were thrilled with Zygi's announcement that he prefers an outdoor stadium. Is he still leaning that way? Does he understand that if he decides to go that route he will probably have to fund the majority of the stadium himself?

5. Zygi has already made the statement that even if the Vikings don't get a new stadium by 2011 the Vikings are staying in Minnesota. Come on! Red McCombs and the old ownership told us over and over again that the Vikings cannot stay competitive in the Metrodome. Was Red just flat out lying? Can the Vikings stay in the Metrodome past 2011 and hope to compete?

6. Would Zygi consider the possibility of renovating the Metrodome?

7. Zygi has probably read about the difficulties the Twins have had getting a new stadium. Heck he has probably even spoken to Carl Pohlad about their difficulties. Are there any lessons that Zygi has learned from the Twins' difficulties? Do their difficulties hopefully convince Zygi that he will need to come up with a plan that uses more private money than public, and one that offers tangible benefits to the host community?

What does everyone think? Decent questions? Any questions that I have missed?

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