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September 30, 2005

What else is new?

The Strib wrote an interesting editorial yesterday regarding the lack of leadership from our friend T-Paw. It ended with this sentiment:

What's needed is a mature and sincere commitment on all sides to clear the decks on stadium issues -- first the Twins and Gophers in a special session, then the Vikings next year. If the intent is to wave goodbye to the Twins now and the Vikings later, then the governor and key legislators should have the courage to say so. If not, they should scrape together a few hours this fall to invest in Minnesota's quality of life and competitive future.

This is an interesting thought. If it just ain't gonna happen our legislature should have the guts to just come out and say so. Then we would finally know what really is going to happen. No more threats from the Twins. Pohlad would know with definitive certainty that the state will never approve of public funds going towards stadium construction. Finally, we could move on and just say to Pohlad, "Do what you will." I would welcome that.

• But enough about "the issue that will never die." I'm sick of it. In fact, I'm sick of everything. Nothing is good, everything is bad, and I'm not happy about it. You stink, I stink, the whole world stinks. So there.

• I will end this post with interesting facts. If you don't like them you can just go jump in a lake.

• Finally ponder this quote from Charles Schulz the rest of the weekend:

"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia ."

Have a good one everybody!

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