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October 20, 2005

Underrated cartoon

I was reading The Onion today when I chanced upon this article in the AV Club section discussing "underrated" movies, DVDs, TV shows, and more. Their pick for underrated cartoon is "King of the Hill," and while that isn't remarkable in itself, their "evidence" for their pick is hilarious. They use the example of Hank Hill's dad as the reason the show shines and they include this quote from the character, "a domineering, sexist, racist World War II veteran without shins." He is describing his time as a POW in WWII:

"Tojo had me cooped up in a bamboo rat cage. There was nothing to eat except rats. So that's what I ate. After two weeks, I was down to my last rat. I let him live so I could eat his droppings. Called it ‘Jungle Rice.' Tasted fine. About September, I was finally thin enough to slip between the bamboo bars. I strangled the guard with a rope made of grated rat-tails and ran to safety."

"Jungle Rice" ... I don't know why, but that gave me a chuckle. Carry on with your business.

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